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Aug 8, 2008
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The Midwest Classic Shetland Breeders Association (MCSBA) wants to invite everyone to the Area VI National show that will be held May 30,31st and June 1st in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at the Iowa Equestrian Center. This is a new venue for us and completely under one roof so we won't have to worry about the weather any more. Paved parking and stalls and both arenas under one roof and we will have vendors coming as well. We still offer the youth prizes and the memorial trophies and still have some of our added classes like the pretty head classes added to the required class list. We will have all info on our website real soon but if you have questions before hand, feel free to contact Donna Norcross, Pres or Merry Wicke, show manager.

Maybe planning on this show for your attendance will make your cold and harsh winter go a little faster.

The MCSBA certainly wants to make it a fun and pleasant show for everyone.
Looking forward to having this show in CR! I love showing at those facilities and always have a great time at your show even if it is 40 degs and raining LOL!! Luckily that wont be such an issue if it were to happen again now that everything is indoors :p
We have a photographer coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and have a blade sharpener coming!!!!!!!!!! and a tack shop coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lots more to announce as we go along.......

So excited about this show and offering all the classes required and more..................

Come on Spring weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donna have the classes been set yet? I tried to ask Merry if there was a lead rein (for Shetlands) but haven't heard back from her. My granddaughter was hoping there would be.
Yes, Sandee there is a lead line class for shetlands and also miniature.

I think that every class we have always had are listed along with the required classes.
No, not leadline that usually goes by mini rules which limits riders to age 6. In the Shetland rulebook there is a class called Leading Rein and the age is higher up to age 8.
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Hey, according to website the classes were supposed to be up in Jan. It's gonna be Feb. soon. Update please.

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