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Sep 14, 2003
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Okay here goes

With my host for my domain name I can have up to 500 email addresses. There is no way I am ever going to use that many. I was thinking it may be a good idea to sell some of them and donate half of it to CMHR. The email addressess have up to 20 MB of stoage space and if you use an email program like outlook express instead of logging onto the email address online there is no limit since the emails get cleaned up off the server. I was thinking $14 a year for it and I would donate $7 from each one to CMHR. Okay what does everyone think of this. Do you think anyone would be willing to sign up to do it?
thank you so much for thinking of us!!! I just dont know if it would work?? I have never heard of selling emails?? I have some with my website but they all have to have my domain name. For ex if i sold one it would have to be [email protected] is that how yours works?? Ill be interested to see what others say and again thank you !!!!
Yes thats how mine is too. But the good thing about mine is if people wanted to use their email program they can or if they prefer to log on online they can do that as well. It would be kinda like yahoo or hotmail in a way.

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