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Well... It mostly means I take too many pictures

Molly took Image out in the pasture today for the second time in his life, and he hated it both times... BUGS! Poor boy was all sweaty from the heat and stomping and running, I made her take him back in with in 20 minutes, but here are the pictures we got while they were outside.





I belive I can fly.... Well he almost made it to the other side of the creek.


Needless to say Image is THRILLED to report he and Molly are back in the bug free barn in front of a fan munching on hay.
Nicole, You know how much i LOVE Molly and Image!! those are beautifull pics!! I just love those two!!

Thanks for sharing,

I'm with Gage....GORGEOUS HORSES and you're a wonderful photographer!!

I always enjoy your photo posts!

Thanks for sharing and keep 'em coming!

I love seeing your pictures! Image is lookin' good!

You have taken some great pictures. Molly is so beautiful and litle Image is just adorable!!

I love that first picture of the 2 of them, they look so shiny and sleek! You seem so mature and like such of a very responsible horse owner.

Keep those pictures coming, I think many of the LB members really enjoy them! I know that I most certainly do!!
man, i just love image....he has a mind of his own. we all can never get enough of your pictures, at least me that is. what kind of camera do you use?

good pics
Very nice pictures of Image Nicole! Thanks for sharing them. He is such a cutie!

I also will compliment you on your pictures, they always are so great to see, can't wait to see more of them.

Im glad you all like the pictures & thanks for the compliments
I love takeing pictures, hours of enjoyment, Id actually like to become a photographer for horses but not sure how to go about doing that.

My camera is a cheapy... it was only $60 and has no zoom what so ever but it takes nice pictures. Its a Fujifilm FinePix A200 I belive, its a couple years old already and has been dropped in the water tank and on the ground and off a horse lol -whoops.
He's very pretty!!

I found an all natural fly spray for my orphan - it works sorta - but the flies were about to carry him away - even for as big and tall as he is. The flies love that milk on his whiskers, face and wherever else he's splashed it - and I think they just love him in general since he has no one to tail swish by!
hehe i am obsessed wiht pics too but onlyof horses family pics and stuuf anh and being in pics not really but taking pics of horses
fun and i love image very nice foal love the last piccy
Such beautiful pictures of Image

I find that the bug situation is just horrendous here in Michigan this year. I am not thrilled at all.

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