mini donkey is still fat

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Nov 30, 2002
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He only gets 1/8 cup of 12% sweet feed twice a day. With one of those feedings, I give him 1/8 cup of black oil sunflower seeds. They are grazing now all day and I put a small amount of hay out at night for everbody(I also have two mini horses.) How can his belly still be so big?
Donkeys do not really need any grain or supplements at all. They can get really fat on the smallest amounts.

My Jenny only gets Horse Guard Vitamins and nothing other than grass hay.

She is a little over weight with just that.

Before I forget she does have access to a salt/mineral block.

How much exerise does he get??
Yes cut out all grains period, they don't need to eat grain, And with grazing all day that is also not good as they are going to eat to much that way also.. Getting a hay belly with all the grazing and also getting hay at night...Donkeys are way better keepers then any mini horse..
Thanks....He does get exercised a couple of times a week, sometimes more. Other than that, just running around the pasture with my other two. When it's feed time, I can't not give him anything since the other two get something. Maybe cutting out the boss with him will help. Also, I give him a small treat or two most days. I'll cut that out also.
Just wanted to say that I'm cutting him back to a tablespoon 2 x a day, just so he gets something with the others. That should help...I hope so.

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