mini dentist was here today

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running in the red

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Aug 11, 2006
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boy- did I learn alot! the 3 yr. old with the impacted tooth is looking good- had a few caps removed and said the infection was clearing- not to worry- also learned that my favorite mare [ who's face is long and the prettiest] has eyes that are not even- so, now I'm going around squaringup everyone s eyes- explained about each mouth and how he was leveling the bites! my friend who home shchools and a horse owner was here and boy was she floored with info.......good learning experience.
Funny you should post this, I had one (13 year old) horse to the vet for dental work today too and it was quite interesting. She had a mouthful of sharp points and what a makeover she got. I think she's still reeling from the sedative early this morning. I just let her out of her stall and am watching to make sure the others don't take advantage of her drunken state and beat up on her.

Who noticed the eyes? Have to say that is something I have never compared and analyzed here before either!!

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