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Nov 30, 2002
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I am pleased to say that our New Mexico AMHA-sanctioned(but welcoming to ALL mini horses)club, the Land of Enchantment Miniature Horse Club, has voted, at its August meeting, to make an "official" donation to CMHR! I made the suggestion and the motion, and it was passed overwhelmingly! The donation is modest, but significant, and it is my personal hope that it will be repeated on a regular basis.

Virginia, the check will be mailed tomorrow!

Consider this our friendly "challenge"to other miniature horse clubs to match/exceed our donation; if all of the MANY clubs made even the same modest($50)one we made, think how CMHR would benefit!!

Best wishes to CMHR and all of its hardworking officers, Board, and supporters!!

Margo Cox-Townsend

member, Board of Directors

Land of Enchantment Miniature Horse Club(LEMHC)

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I am overwhelmed with your club's generousity! I am so speachless right now.

It is individuals and groups like your club that are keeping us going. As we all know, most often we wind up spending more on the horses to get them healthy than we ever get back.

I personally can't thank you and your club enough. You have our deepest gratitude.

Thank You!
Margo - As a Director for CMHR, add my thanks to the list! It is only through the support of generous donors such as our members, individual donors and business and club sponsorships that we will be able to continue our important work and grow as an organization.

I second the idea of taking this initiative before your miniature horse clubs. Let them know that other clubs are "joining up" to support Chance's Mini Horse Rescue, Inc. They just might consider it a smart investment, too!

Robin C


Chance's Mini Horse Rescue, Inc.