Mine with choke and aspirating

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Jun 10, 2022
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My mini has been diagnosed with mild tracheal collapse and thickened irregular shaped epiglottis. He has choked or aspirated and it was terrifying, staggering, seeming he couldn't breathe, then strings of green goo coming out his nose and mouth. If the epiglottis isn't working right food can go down the wrong way. He has had this since he was tubed a few months ago. Don't know if there is a connection. Has anyone experienced this? My local vets have done a work up but I wondered if anyone would know of a veterinary teaching hospital or vet that specializes in this condition that could help him further. Thanks
My sister lost her miniature a few years ago. She was concerned about his breathing and took him to an equine hospital for scoping. His esophagus was 80% collapsed. He never had choke, though. How old is yours? My sister's horse was 18.
What a terrifying experience for you.
Thank you for the replies. So sorry about your sister's horse. My mini is 16.
How is your little guy doing? Our mini (who has a floppy esophagus already known from endoscopy) has been making harsh breathing sounds this week. Our vet mentioned this as a possibility, and after hearing him make some honking noises after a pasture gallop today I am of course making myself crazy on the internet.

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