help please mare with swollen palate in the hospital.

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Nov 24, 2014
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Hi my 17 your old prego made had her teeth floated Wed (with power tools with a vet I trust and I've seen him do minis with no problem). Vet did my mini in the am on wed I took out her hay and left to work after about 30 mins she seemed fine. I get home from work and she wouldn't eat and was gurgling had saliva. Call vet he said bring her in she may have choked we pass a tube it when in pretty easy nothing stuck in her throat. I take her home start on smz ban and bute am pm. Soaked mini feed only. She was still having problems all day Thursday she was having trouble breathing had stuff coming out noise coughing acting like she choked again. Took her back to vet on Friday passed tube nothing stuck. Start her on excede and gentocin stronger antibiotics. Take her home she still can't eat right. So I take her to hospital they scope her nothing wrong with throat not real evidence of a choke say her teeth look good but see that her palate is swollen so when she swallows there is very little space and hard to breath to her it feels like she has a very bad sore throat Dr puts a feeding tube in and says will take out Mon to check to see if swelling goes down and if we can take out tube and put on soft diet. That is what we were expecting to happen with her resting her palate by not swallowing. When he re scoped her palate it had increased by 20% so he put a needle in it to see if it would drain last night and nothing. So today he was to inject steroid's and antibiotics right into. Dexamethsone would be good if we could try it also but could cause abortion (at this point I'm willing to try anything) would probably put on regumate if we try Dex I.v to give baby a little more of a chance. Sorry for writing so much I just want to see of any one has ever had this happen and what they did vet is a little stumped. ??
In my past experience with tubing a horse it caused an irritation in the throat and problems later.My older mini stallion had some teeth floated and some pulled and several days later he chocked badly.Looked like a washer with too much soap and overflowing.Vet came and tubed him, but it made his throat very sensitive.Not sure about the swollen palate or what to do.Keeping you and your Minis in my prayers.Please keep us posted.
Sorry I cant offer any help but just wanted to say that I will be praying for your little mare.
Praying for a quick resolution and a speedy recovery for your special girl.
Thank you everyone. So far no changes but she hasn't gotten any worse so that is something. Injected some steroids and antibiotics into her palate so I pray, hope, wish this will be the answer and she will be better by morning!!!!
I would recommend an exray, to see if the palate was fractured by trama. Maybe the Vet hit it accidently when rasping down the teeth.

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