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Aug 31, 2004
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these are the only ones I found at Wallie World....they are

hth 6-way swimming pool and spa test strips..hardness and ph levels are the first and 3rd square

..has anyone used this brand????

I am finding the colors hard to match..... I would like to know what results, if any, you got with this brand......

thank you for any input you may have..Kathye, and Bay B
I started using them this year, and have good results so far. We tested all the way over one mare this year in the morning and she had her baby by 10am. I do think they stay in the middle area longer then the other test strips so I am on more of a hold longer, but that isn't too bad. Plus they are alot cheaper so I use them more often which helps me.
We are too, and have been for almost a week.
Does the ph of the milk go up or down as they get close to time?? I don't have any due now but i will print out and keep all advice until i do!

the ph gradually goes up a bit and then goes way down before they foal
Sounds like you got the right kind.....Doesn't matter what brand.....Just the fact that you found strips that show BOTH Ph and Water Hardness (calcium level).

Ph test should drop dramatically within 12 to 24 hours before foaling. Water Hardness will go UP to the highest 24 hours prior to foaling. The Ph seems to be a little more sensitive.


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