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Filipowicz Farm

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Aug 21, 2003
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Wondering wh will be attending this show. May 31 to June 1 in Ionia Michigan. They have added Shetlands being shown this year. Walt will be showing Filipowicz Miss JoCo at her first show this year.
I'll be there to cheer you on. Haven't been to Ionia in a coons age.
We'll be there with 4 - 5 . It's really early for us, but we're going to TRY to be ready!!
i will be there with my new my KSB Champange Elegance

this will be her first show and my first show with minis

Hi everyone,

We will be there with 4-6 not sure on the exact number yet. Should be exciting as I'll be bringing a couple that have never been shown
Could be a rodeo for sure
Nope - can't do this one. Joe's mom will only let him do one show in June because of exams so it was either Ionia or the Area 2 show. We picked the area 2 show. Have fun everyone- we have showed at Ionia & we liked it.

Good luck with Miss JoCo -- she is pretty nice.!!

Edited -- to say -- But wait til you see Filipowicz THAT'S HIGH SOCIETY in the show ring. I think she will be a WOW !!

LOL -- Ashland is going to be fun Walt. !! Miss JoCo -- High Society & Class E all together at a show. We will have some fun. Wish you were going to be there Frannie.
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We'll be there with at least 3. It remains to be seen if we will have the driving horses ready

or not. If so, we will have 5. By the time the Spring mud dries up around here it doesn't

leave much time to get them ready. We really miss the old July 4th weekend date.

Oh yeah I can't wait!! My mom already posted that we'll be bringing 4-6 I just wanted to add that I am really excited to announce that D&S Jack of Hearts will be making his royal debut to the show ring!
He'll be competing in 2 yr old Stallions over,

See you all there

Well now wouldn't that be fun! I'd love to be there to watch! But alas not sure if we can afford the gas since we have to be back downstate for me to help my twin sister when she has her hip replaced on June 9th..Might try though! If so will love meeting you all! PS Sorry you all, ya know I have to root for the Buckskin:)

Maxine and Carl
We really miss the old July 4th weekend date.
I so agree!!! We've had about 10 days total of decent weather to get anything ready. I finally drove my gelding tonight!!. We couldn't even clip until about a week ago.

Oh well, I guess we'll all be on the same boat - it will be great to see everybody again!
I'll have at least 3 miniatures there, possibly 4 if I have my yearling colt ready in time.

If you don't have a showbill you can download one from our website www.westernmmhc.com

Looking forward to it! See you all there!

You can blame the B-93 Birthday Bash for stealing our 4th of July show date at Ionia - The fairgrounds bumped us out for them! Naughty fairground people!
well we wont be bring horses to the show but I will be there to check it out

we arnt ready I was looking forward to going but we are not prepared
well we wont be bring horses to the show but I will be there to check it out

we arnt ready I was looking forward to going but we are not prepared

we are planning to go but have to see how doctors appt goes tomorrow just taking the kids horses msube a yearlling filly we'll see how things go we have gone before it was fun still have alittle snow but willtry to drive around it carol

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