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Jul 28, 2007
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Winchester, IL
i have applied to a great dane rescue in missouri. this lovely girl is coming to meet me and the lollipop kids on saturday. she is being fostered in st. louis right now. she's one of two possibilities for us...

much will depend on maggie's reaction. don't want to upset the apple cart by doing anything that will stress her out so i am going into this with guarded optimism. ashley sounds like a wonderful dog and i can't wait to meet her. i am planning to meet up with them at a little park just at the edge of town so she can meet maggie and simon on "neutral" ground and then we'll bring her out to the farm for a romp.

wish us luck!
What a beautiful dog.
I hope your corgis like her. Please let us know how your first date goes.
She has that "I'm a great dog!" look about her. I love her Little Rascals markings.

I can't wait to hear how it goes.
I know you've been thinking about this for a while now. I hope she's a good fit with your other critters.

good luck,
thanks, guys. yes, i've been thinking about this for 57 years!

i thought her "little rascals" markings were pretty cute, too.
i put fresh batteries in my camera so will have pics to post. like i said, i'm optimistic but i am leaving my options wide open just in case maggie doesn't click with her.

there is another sweet boy dane in the same rescue so i'm keeping him in mind, just in case. here he is...

i talked to my vet last night about this "condition" but since it was late, we didn't go terribly far into depth. if ashley doesn't work out and i need to look at "thomas", i will question dr. bourn further as to possible future health issues and whether or not the aftercare involved with this dog would be something i could deal with. heck, i clean my horse's sheaths so i'm guessing keeping a doggy clean a few times a week wouldn't be a big problem.

i wish i could take them BOTH!!!
Can't get the pic to come up but then again that's what I get for having dial up.

Anyway just wanted to wish you luck and hope all goes well!
denise, don't know if this will be any easier but here's "ashley"...


and here's "thomas"...

Best wishes for a easy quite visit. I hope one of them will suit Maggie.
rachel, yes he does. thomas looks like an absolute sweetheart. just danes typically show graying on their muzzles at only 3.5 years of age? i guess that's considered "middle age" for danes, huh?

my dream has always been a harl but hey, if ashley doesn't click for maggie, thomas is next on the list of possibilities. pretty funny how we live our lives to suit our DOGS! LOL! but then, the less stress we have, the better off we'll be.
I have to say I think Thomas has such a kind face on him but Ms. Ash is beautiful. Good Luck on whichever your choice ends up being. Danes are the most gentle creatures.
Charlene, I just have to wish you the very best of luck with either one of them. They both are beautiful...I think 2 would fit in really good with your household.
We had Danes for 20plus years, blacks and blues. They are wonderful dogs. When my last one passed away I just couldnt bring myself to get another. We had the old line of Mistersingers. (not sure I am spelling that right anymore...they were the heavy and tall danes over , what was known back then~~ as the California danes) now, 8 years later..if I could find another like my last Vip (Very Important Puppy) was, I would do it in a heartbeat. Cant wait to hear about your meeting.

yep, i wish i could bring them BOTH home. i only know 2 other people with danes and have only recently met them. since i renewed my search, i have visited their dogs and they are such sweet things.

hmmm....wonder how much an addition to my house would be.
Aw heck Charlene...go for the gold and change a spare room into doggy haven with an old couch or futon for them....they will
you forever. Being Ashley is a little older it would help her to have a bigger pal around.
Oh my goodness - these folks are coming all the way from MO for a meet and greet?! Bless their hearts!!
Thanks Charlene, the pics came up very quickly.

I'm hoping Ashley works for you, she is such a pretty dog.

Have a safe trip and we'll be waiting to hear how it goes.
Good luck Charlene! I think miss Ashley is her eye patch!

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