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Aug 18, 2003
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Ok Ruby and I couldn't be left out of the Chunky Monkey Fan Club, so............

She's Big, She's Beautiful, and YES she is on a Diet

This mare is my pride and joy, and shhhhh, yes she's my favorite.

This is the mare that I rescued from an auction in 2003, and she's the Mamma to my "C" girl in my avatar.

She's also very photogenic and I don't think I have ever gotten a truly bad picture of her. These were taken this past Sunday.

So here is 32.75" MF Charmed Lady Luck, AKA Ruby.........unclipped and ungroomed, all natural.




In Ruby's defense she got this big because she was supposed to be eating for 2!!! But now she is, for sure, eating for 2
Very pretty mare! Chunky but pretty, and they are so easy to get fat much work to get into shape...jeez these really must be 4 legged humans!
[SIZE=14pt]The thing that worries me the most about your beautiful Ruby is that HUGE fat pad on the crest of her neck.....she is wearing the precurser neck that Tami was talking about in watching for Hyperlipemia after she foals. That neck shows unsafe obesity. She is really pretty tho.[/SIZE]

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Ruby looks awesome! She really shines like her name now, doesn't she? I remember when you first posted her on here, and with all your love and attention, she's really blossomed into a beautiful little horse.
Thanks everyone, I will let Ruby know that you all think she's pretty, she will be quite appreciative

[SIZE=14pt]Lyn, She's always been a cresty mare, even when she got downright thin while nursing Shimmer last year she was cresty. Sometime before we got her from the auction she did founder slightly, the farrier could see it in her hooves, but he said it was very slight. We have had her blood checked a few times since we got her, and checked her thyroid levels too, and everything is A okay. The only thing she eats is Bermuda Grass Hay and a 1/2 cup of oats. I did feed her well over the winter because she was supposed to be preggers, turned out she wasn't, but she is now, 75 days gestation.[/SIZE]

The crest bothers me too, and I do have her on Cinnamon because she's probably insulin resistant. She runs around and gets exercise, I don't know what else to do.

I love her anyway
Hi,, just got online and saw your Chunky monkey post too. She IS pretty and I can see she took full advantage of the eating for 2,lol. I have been there done that with several mares only to end up with no baby and a way fat mare. Congrats on her upcoming baby.
Pretty mare......and does she have personality written all over her face! She is speaking VOLUMES to the camera!


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