Making water jugs from soap jugs

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Nov 30, 2002
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Has anyone else made water jugs from those big soap bottles that are out now? I think they would be great to take to shows. Hubby doesn't always like water wherever we may be to make coffee with. How did you get all the soap out?

Pam --

I don't know if this would work but at Walmart, we found big 7-gallon plastic water jugs in with the camping equipment for around $15 that are great for lugging water to shows. Before we found those, we used 5-gallon plastic gas cans (obviously new ones that never held gas) and just used a perm marker to write "WATER" on them.


looks like this, but MUCH cheaper at Walmart:
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I did the same thing Jill did. I went to Walmart and got a water container, the same one thats in the link ^^^ but i got it for $8.
I was thinking we got ours way cheap (around your price) but then looking at what they cost on other sites, I thought I was remembering it wrong!!! But, I think you're right and at Walmart, they're about $8
I bought three and am tight
So they couldn't have been "a lot".
Thanks guys, but I already have these soap containers. They hold about a gallon of water. I really don't want to 'buy' anything, I'm just cheap and want to be able to use what I have

I think pastics can absorb what was in them, though (?). I think that's why it's not okay to use milk jugs for water or other drinking liquids. If not, though, they would for sure be handy with how "tough" they are. They'd hold up to being lugged around really well if you can make them safe to drink from.
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Thanks Jill,

Hadn't thought of that. I'll do some 'research'

The water ones are "usually" made from difference material compositions to help with the absorption and release of chemicals & "tastes" getting a hose for drinking water, for same reasons.

I'm one of the WM water jug people
Used them in winter to tote hot water (have the heated units, 3 yrs now!) and to take home water to shows, etc.

I have the ldry detergent spigoted ones & hated to toss as it just seems they have a use
but, out they go! BUT, I have had powdered detergent come in containters with lids, handles, all plastic and I find them great to carry things.......jars of ointments, wraps, bruses, etc. Washed out they are nice for "free" organizational containers. Same with the large size, large mouthed plastic clear food containers. You can drop small bottles of pills, syringes, tape, thermometer, etc. into them and keep them in the barn.
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Another good use for those plastic containers ie, milk jugs, soap jugs, and etc. is to put water in them, put them in the freezer, and use them to put in coolers. They are such a frozen chunk, they last longer than chipped or cubed ice in those ice chests!
[SIZE=12pt]Pam, I'd recommend screw lid gallon water jugs from Wal-mart or wherever. You can refill them easily if they have a screw-on lid. I keep new ones around for really bad weather, since we live WAY up on this mountain now~LOL Soap containers and the like would worry me, since they are not make for food grade products
They hold about a gallon of water. I really don't want to 'buy' anything, I'm just cheap and want to be able to use what I have
Buy a couple of gallons of of water on sale & reuse those containers in the future or ask friends to save you a few empty jugs after they have used up the water.
I thought of something else, too. If you drink orange juice, I think Tropicana brand has a tough/rugged jug with a handle that may be great for your purposes.

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