Lovely day with my two premies! New stallion is here!

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Nov 30, 2002
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The weather has been wonderful for a couple of days now. Days like this make me remeber why we fight the ice and snow doing horse work in the winter.

This past friday my new boy arrived. He is Havencrofts Phantom Warrior, that I have admired since he was a newborn foal. He is a black and white pinto with a blue eye and lots of paw prints. He is homozygous for tobiano. He is only two years old next month.

Isolation is hard here. We aren't very big, and with the two premie foals I need to be extra careful.

So... Phantom is in the front pasture. The mares and gelding are moved to the back barn yard. That left the babies in the middle and I didn't want anyone nose to nose with Phantom for at least a week.

So... I took all of my portable fencing and set it up in a large circle right up against my barn door. Luckily I have two sets of gates for my portable fencing. So the mamas and babies can come and go to the barn and have a nice run out side without being too close to the new boy.

I did all my barn work and house work early and went out to play. Firestar, my premie colt, that I kept home with me except for the last 3 days at New Bolton is the sweetest, friendliest funniest foal I have ever had. I kept him home until I ran out of vacation time and so he had to go to New Bolton to be fed and get his medicines almost every hour, but he was only there for 3 days. He has forgiven me everything and is in your pocket sweet.

Lucy, my super early tiny premie filly was in New Bolton in isolation for a couple of weeks and is shyer than Firestar, but yesterday finally decided that people really are GOOD. She is now enjoying people scratching her and loving her. I am so pleased. She is the IMAGE of Dragon who is now in the U.K. with my friend AnnaC.

The premies had their hooves rounded off by my blacksmith for the first time yesterday, as I held them in my arms. Afterwards they were tired and fell asleep with me holding them, sitting in the sun.

Phantom was sunning himself and in a deep sleep. So I went out and sat beside him then curled up with my head on his neck and we layed there for a while together. He is a cuddler, just how I like them.

It was a happy day.. I could feel my pulse rate drop. What is it they say? The outside of a horse is good for the inside of man? Its soooo true!

Sounds idyllic

Winston Churchill said that about horses and it's very true!
Oh, Robin, that is SO good to hear!! You give me hope. When can we see pictures of your new man??
You definitely EARNED that day, girlfriend! I am SO HAPPY that things turned out the way they did. I bet I know a couple babies that are not going to be for sale. ;)

Gratitude is a beautiful thing, you gave up a lot to make that moment possible. Blessings to you and your family, both human and equine.
Sounds wonderful!!
Enjoy your beautiful babies.

Send some of that nice weather our way. When we have gotten warmer weather it has come with 35 to 40 mile an hour winds. Then when I am feeding them I am picking alfalfa flakes out of my ears, my nose and brushing it out of my hair. Kind of takes the enjoymet away.
How sweet!! You guys are so special!! I couldnt be happier
Sounds like heaven Robin - you so deserve it after all the stress you have been under.

I have that saying "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man" posted on my barn door - touch it every day as I enter the barn -- it is SOOOOOO true.

Hello my friend. So glad you at last had a 'special' day. If anyone deserves one it is you!
I am sure this is just the start of many of them.

Dragon sends his love to you and his children and says life over here is not that bad, but that it took him a while to understand what his new horsy friends were saying coz they all spoke with a funny accent

Hugs all round - Anna
Thank you all. None of it would be possible without your encouragement, support and prayers.

AnnaC, Dragon's babies will whinny with a "Jersey accent" and Dragon will start to develop his own special whinny just like all the rest of yours. I wonder what your others think of him!!

Had another wonderful day today similar to yesterday, but have to work tomorrow, darn!

Lucy is more cuddly today than yesterday and she is starting to follow me around. Firestar follows me like a baby duck. Its sooo funny! This will be a Spring and specoial foals that I will always remember. I wish my Dad could se these babies.

Love your story and love the saying- as I had never heard it before. Thanks for sharing- you made my day


hope you don't mind, I thought I would add a couple of pictures of Phantom here for you.

Phantom went to Robin all woolie with a 'wild" mane. It had been clipped up and undercut when he was shown so is still growing out. To top it off, it finally got to be 60 degrees here and I was going to get him a bath on the Sat before he was due to be picked up, and as we got the water heater hot and the drain checked , disaster, our well pump just plain quit on us.

It took until Sunday to get the water going again, Phantom was leaving on Tues and the temps dropped back to the 40's and then the 30's.

So Phantom had to go to Robin pretty much "as he was". We did our best getting him as clean as we could, wouldn't you know that would happen with a horse who had so very much WHITE on him,

Here are a few pictures of him without the extra hair and mess.



Thank you again Robin, i love hearing how happy you are with Phantom and from the sound of things, how happy Phantom is with you in his new home!

He's such a good boy!
Thanks Anne,

I am terrible at posting pics here.

Phantom looked pretty darned good when he arrived. I knew that you worked on him since he was nice and clean after you told me he had been rolling in mud a few days before.

Today, Sunday, he finally met two of the mares with a fence in between. Misty, one of my homozygous pinto mares ( and my dearest favorite)was in full heat, but I didn't breed her yet. I want to wait until the end of June I think, so its warmer to foal in May than March, when Lucy was born prematurely. They will have a lovely homozygous pinto foal!


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