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Apr 10, 2008
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I am new to this board, and am sorta, kinda, not really new to ponies! lol

I have tons of questions regarding ponies, so please check back often as I will always have more questions!

Well I have recently(within the past 3 months)aquired 2 shetland ponies.

The first one is a mare I purchased at the Platte SD sale, named Mythical Rogue!

She is a NICE little bay mare who just has a trot to die for! That girl can beat feat! I am pretty sure he is bred, now when her due date is I have no idea, so I will post a couple pics and I will let you guys decide! LOL

We also recieved a shetland stallion, who's name is Wilkingson's Dark Raven!

When we brought him home I told a friend that he looks like a 42" Black Beauty! And he really does! lol

Anyway I am going to be showing him this year and have a few questions in that department.

What is the definition of a Modern Pleasure pony, as apposed to a Modern? And why cant they show roadster?

I have read the rulebook but am still confused??

I also would like to Thank Adam, Your the best!
Welcome to the world of ponies!

My divison of expertise isn't MP or Modern so I'll let someone else answer your questions.
We'll probably have to wait for Amy or Amber to pop in and clarify the Modern rules.

Rogue was shown halter locally at open shows a few times.

I owned Dark Raven's two fillies out of Wilk. Lets Talk Color - lost one last fall to colic shortly after I'd sold the other one (they were full sisters). He puts a very nice disposition on his foals.

Who is Rogue exposed to?
WOW really! I never knew Rogue(I call her Fancy) was shown! As I said I bought her at a sale with no info, do you know how she did?

As for who she is bred to I am not sure, she was sold open, but she hasnt come into heat since we have had her and she is starting to get big! I will post a few pics shortly, I got some new ones of her today in

6 inches of SNOW! lol

Do you have any pictures of those fillys of Ravens? Do you know how many foals he has on the ground? You said he throws color! AWESOME!


I think Dark Raven looked pretty Classic to me, not as Modern Pleasure but I've only seen a picture or two that was on the Longman website.

Modern Pleasures are less extreme in movement than a Modern. Moderns typically can break level in hand, where MPs don't usually go to extremes in their trots and therefore are shown barefoot or with keg shoes. You can see all of my MPs on my website, I have a range of them.

MPs are not shown Roadster... they are shown in Country or Pleasure. Fine Harness and Roadster are reserved for the Moderns because those classes need a LOT of motion that the MPs typically don't have. If you shoe them up they might be able to show in Fine Harness or Roadster but that generally won't be the rule.

Roadster is basically a Pleasure that can go FAST. Check out some of the Modern classes if you have them in your area or preferrably go to Congress... those Moderns will EXCITE you and you will see how high the bar is raised for them.

Go to the www.shetlandminiature.com website and read the description of the Modern and the MP pony. That should definitely clear up some of your questions! I think I have the summary on my website, but definitely go to the source (the Rulebook).

I looooove the Moderns, I am new to them and also learning as much as I can.


P.S. not sure if Raven is called a "Modern Pleasure" because he has a "B" on his papers... but if he is more Classic type he can now show in Classic classes even though he has a B on his papers due to a new rule!
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Oh I was just wondering because I seen a show schedual and never knew that there was 2 types of moderns!lol

But how many ponies went to congress last year? I heard they had a good turnout.....

Well here it goes at posting pics, they are of fancy, does she look preggers to you? If so then when do you think she'll go?

<a href="http://s284.photobucket.com/albums/ll4/snowman91_2008/?action=view&current=P1000269.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll4/snowman91_2008/P1000269.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Dunno if it will work!
She doesn't look too furry, that looks like a pregnant belly to me! What a pretty face she has!


I can't remember how she did - just remember her name being up on a stall at the county fair show several times (her former owner would usually bring 20+ ponies and minis to the county fair!). I know her first colt, a black pinto sired by a homozygous black pinto stallion, was also shown at our county fair.

I don't know if Rene had any Shetland stallions on the place this past year so Rogue could be bred to one of her mini stallions. I have Rene's email address and phone number if you need them - Adam would too. Rogue had a very special filly for Rene in 2007. She lost her beautiful stallion Royal Reaper to a broken leg shortly after turning him out with the mares in 2006 and Rogue was one of the few that gave her a Reaper baby.

As far as I know the only two foals from Dark Raven were the two I had (bought their dam from Adam along with the 2006 filly and she was carrying the 2007 filly). The 2006 filly is a solid black and the 2007 filly was a solid bay. PM me your email address and I'll email you some pictures.

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