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Loess Hills

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Dec 5, 2002
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Sioux City, Iowa - on the Lewis & Clark Trail
The western light in the late afternoon and evening makes the horses coats glow. While they were busy gobbling, we snapped some pictures before herding them into the barn.

[SIZE=14pt]That's why they're called Hills![/SIZE]


[SIZE=14pt]You young kids can run to the bottom, I'm staying here![/SIZE]


[SIZE=14pt]WHAT??? You want me to come in, now?[/SIZE]


[SIZE=14pt]The grass on the other side of the fence is better![/SIZE]


[SIZE=14pt]Guess we have to go in, now...........[/SIZE]

Nice pictures. The sun gives them a warm gold tone. Thanks for sharing.
Neat pictures!!!
It is so refreshing to see natural pics of horses out in a pasture doing what they love to do best.....be horses.

I will say,,,,,,that top pic of the steep hill......I keep expecting to see Julie Andrews come over the top of the hill singing......The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of MINI'S
Now there's an add campaign for future reference
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How pretty, the pictures are beautiful. Thank You for sharing them with us. I love

to see pictures of members farms, the barns, and land and of course the horses.


How do you spell "serene"???? These pictures are simply gorgeous and should be post cards to share with the world. Honestly, I am sitting here with my cup of coffee, it's early in the morning, it's raining outside, and you just put beauty in my day. Thank you for sharring these pictures.
Thanks everyone for your comments. The name of Iowa came from an Indian word meaning "beautiful land" and it truely is beautiful.

Russ, Julie Andrews might come singing over the hill, but she certainly wouldn't want to climb up! It is steep, especially when you've got to walk to the bottom to chase them back up to the barn. However, now we've got a used golf cart, so we cheat and ride down.

The sorrel pinto mare in the first three pictures is our 23 year old brood mare, Hemlock Brooks Amber Lace. Her foal has run down to the bottom of the hill with the rest of the herd. That old girl likes to stay near the top where she can keep an eye on things and doesn't have too far to go to the barn.

Marty, wish we had some rain! I'm sure Iowa's set a record for over 90 degree days this summer. Our pastures are still looking good, though.

Here's a picture looking down that hill in the winter. Serene, but darn cold!

Nice pix love the green grass. Your 23 yr old is beautiful!!!! The winter pix is very beautiful,I would love a little of that weather here about now. We are broiling here in fl.

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