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Steph G

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Jun 10, 2005
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Hi, I posted a while back about registering my Jenny. Well, I printed out the IMDR application and am working on filling it out. I have been trying to contact the original breeder but my mail keeps getting returned. The papers say her sire is MGF Cookie monster and her dam is Tibbs Sharon Kay. I was hoping someone would have information on an extended pedigree. Or if someone knows how to get in touch with Judy Rohner. Her name is on the papers for the ADMS. I hope she doesn't mind me posting her name.
This is who you want to contact~!!


He has a Data base of over 42,000 Donkeys~!! There is a form to fill out and after you fill out the form send it to him He fills out the pedigree and E Mails you back with the full Pedigree~~!! He does this Free of any charge just for the fun of it~!! Click on the link that says The Donkey Tree that is the link that has the form to fill out~! Have fun~!!
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MGF is McRoberts Game Farm in Nebraska. We have some donkeys from there, as well. The owner is Jerry McRoberts and he has a website. Just do a search on McRoberts Game Farm. I hope this helps, too. The Donkey Tree will give you a great pedigree.


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