Look at thos adorable Christmas design

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Oct 2, 2004
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I had to have this LOL I think next year I will put it on a shirt!
Oh, that is cute, but the poor donkey looks so weighted down with gifts.....I think he needs to stop by me, and drop some off...of course, just to lighten his load!!! hahahahaha
That is just tooooo cute!

It would be adorable on a denim shirt or a sweatshirt!!!

We will be waiting to see your finished product!!!
I did it on a kitchen towel for my donkey buddy - but I think next Holiday I will order some denim shirts to put it on - it stiched out so cute ;)
Way Cute!!!!! If you do that next year (wish we could have done it this year!), I WANT ONE! at least!
I wish I would have found this design before now too - will have to remember to put them on auction or post a note about September next year ;) Could always add Farm names underneath;)
My friends and I are always looking for things with donkeys on them. Every art show, craft fair, etc.... they don't usually have much but we take what we can get!
I have found a few donkey embroidery designs that I can put on anything - I will have to make an ALL donkey page with my embroidery stuff ;) I can even digitize custom donkeys. I am working on one for me with this adorable funny characture sp? donkey on it and I want it to say "I'm all ears!" LOL

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