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Jan 6, 2007
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Western Pennsylvania
Lately I've had a lot of stuff come up. I got engaged, I'm in the process of moving, and I have a new job. Quite honestly I haven't done anything with Midas since mid November. He's been being turned out and not worked at all. I know Im not going to have the money to show him at any rated shows (which really dosent matter, because in reality I know that hes not a "real" halter horse) but I do miss showing. I miss prepping for shows and things like that. Today I got a bug in my butt and thought "HEY, there are county fairs around here that I can show him at" I live in Pennsylvania and im within 1 hour of 3 different county fairs. The earliest fair starts july 24th. Today is April 24th. That would give me 3 months to try to get Midas fit to show. Thats if I get myself in a schedule and can stay with it. I work odd hours (12pm-9:30pm and the barn is 45 minutes from my new house) but I'm going to try to change my schedule. Not sure if that will happen or not.

Anyway, do you think that I can get a horse fit in 3 months? I'm not trying to win nationals, just look good enough for the local fairs. We did great at our state 4h show(first), so I think he might have a chance at some county fairs.

Let me know if you think it will be pushing him too much to try to get him ready in 3 months. He is a two year old gelding. I don't think it will be really hard to get him in shape, I just need to get his manners back in check. He's become quite a butt since he hasn't been being worked.
Easy! You can condition a horse in a months time, but I prefer 60 days. Just got to be consistant with it. I did it last year with moving and having a new baby. So I know you can too.
If you are missing showing your horses, then I say go for it. I don't show, so don't know how long it might take to get him in show shape, but since each horse is different, 3 months may be more than enough to get him ready. If the county fairs are reasonable for fees, then go for it; if he isn't quite ready for the first one, consider it practice and preparation for the others.
You can EASILY get a horse in show condition in that time frame, in fact ..i just bought a gelding up out of the pasture today and our first show is with him is early June. He is not a hard one to condition, gives us a little over a month to work with. Not worried one bit. Manners? You can fix manners in a week, that is hardly anything to deal with.

So i say, yes ..go for it. Three months is plenty. I started show conditioning my show string for this year back in late march. We added a few stalls this week so i finially got to pull that gelding out and bring him up to the barn.

Your fine

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