Last Day at my old Salon Location

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Oct 25, 2003
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Today is the last day that I am taking customers at my salon. Sunday we start the big job of moving all of my equipment to the new location about 40 minutes away. It has been a very stressful month for me getting all of this organized and telling my clientele that I have built in the last ten years that I am moving my salon location closer to home. We have been painting, cleaning, decorating, building and doing all the necessary paperwork to get my new location set up. It is an exciting move but bittersweet at the same time!!! My first customer has just arrived...
That has to be so exciting for you! Good luck! Fran
Thanks Fran, it is exciting and has been also hard to say goodbye to some of my customers. Some will come to the new location though. It is so much work getting this all arranged and today is chock full of people getting one last hair do!!

  I get my Hair Cut in 13 days! 
hee hee Tiff, I guess I won't need to remind you of your appointment!!!

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