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Jan 1, 2005
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Fullerton, Nebraska
Ok, now I have the pics...I am going to say this, no matter what I love my "kids", each one has good things and flaws. I am aware of this...but they still make me say wow!

This is "Cloud" HM Cloud Dancer...He was my very first mini, all 37 inches of him! I drive him and sometime discredit him for his size, but when he is out prancing around he looks like a merry go round horse! He always did well as a show horse...especially in color class as it is unique.


"Stormy" Rockin' N's Stormy is my stallion...and can't you tell, look at that neck. It wasn't always that way, he used to have a great neck and head. He is 32 inches tall and was the one horse who I haven't got to trim on yet.


"Susie" Knuton Chocos Susie is my mare and she has the most beautiful neck and head in my opinion. She has fine legs also. I love that about her, but she does have that beautiful baby belly doesn't she. She was my show winner...


And of course no picture bunch is complete without an ornery baby...this is

NTM Father's Day Triple Play "Trip".

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you have some very nice horses. I also have one of those ornery babies
All your horses are beautiful!!

Off topic, but why are your pictures always like that? I have always wondered why they have that "watercolor" look to them..
Thank you all, and about the pictures...I'm guessing it is the cheep poloroid digital camera...but it's all I have, so I have to make it work. Maybe I can get a new one soon!

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