Just found out my gelding

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Wow, that is great.

Those things are always so exciting to find out!

What exactly are you wanting to "prove"??? I don't understand your question.

[SIZE=14pt]Thats exciting for sure. What is there to prove and to whom????? Show him if you want to and have fun. Nothing to prove to anyone![/SIZE]

That's great to find out those kind of things! Show him if he's fun for you to show....

I kind of worry the oposite, actually regarding my horses from Erica. I worry what if they bomb with me after going to the top with her??? So maybe I'll be showing them to prove to myself that "I" can also do it with them.

Erica is not exactly an easy act to follow, but I'll have fun trying and will definitely enjoy my three "Erica Boys".
LOl if i heard that id be exstatic(sp?) but no since when wee man came he was 2 and i was training him how to trot at hand!!

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