Julep Cup, Lexington Ky last weekend

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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
I finally ran into some forum members and got to say hello!

Met Virginia and saw the pretty babies she got and was taking home. Oops, was that a secret??? Met Elaine from PA, her wonderful little stallion won his class under all 3 judges, very, very nice little guy!

What a nice show with some absolutely gorgeous horses! Got to see a few of Ginny's,,,, Reeces,,,,,,, Eberth's,,,,,,, Connie's,,,,,,,, Libbies and many more. Sorry if I have left any one out.

Oh, and the hilarious, Mis-Fit Showmanship Class in the Costume Class!!!!!!!!

I know there had to many I did not see or get to visit with!

Your results????????????????
I didn't go but my sister is there. She's not home yet though so I haven't gotten all the updates on the horses there. Who got the Supremes?

Glad you got to meet some forum members. Isn't the Horse Park beautiful?

Ginny Long
Hey Ginny,

The Supremes went to

Libertys Miss Kentucky

Fallen Ash Farms Good Deed

CH Steel Magnum
Thanks Chandler... No surprise there. They are all World Champions or better... :)

Ginny Long

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