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Nov 30, 2002
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We are expecting! We pretty much knew this but got the official yes from the doc today. THe hormone levels were high in todays blood test, so they will be taken again in two days. These will give a better indication if there is more then one baby in there(things so far are indicating a "yes" ).

Our first ultrasound is Sept. 2. We then for sure know how many there are in there. Due date is around April 14th, our sons b-day is April 15th.

****Edit to add***

Just got even more good news. I have been applying for jobs since I graduate in Dec. I passed my test for one job, with a 93. 3 others had the same score as me, 4 others had a higher score then me, there were 84 people who tested for this job. This means I should make it to the interveiw stage! I really want this job, its close to home and pays $19 an hour, and is a goverment job.
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Congratulations on the good news

But you need to hold out and stick with the 15th!!! (It's my birthday too)
Congrats!!! My son is an april baby too! April 3rd though. So yours may come early!!!
default_laugh.png could wait until the 20th!
CONGRATULATIONS and good luck with the job interview Ashley!
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I have two great babies from April, one on the 7th and one on the 22nd! April's good birthday time for sure.

Hope you get the exact job that you want, and all continues to be great with baby(ies) and momma!

Congratulations you two!!!

Ashley, I hope you get that job!
Happy News!!!
HOWEVER, do you REALLY want "Taurus" babies -- TWO of them???

Be prepared for your hands full!
Keep us posted......
Congrats Ashley all the best to you, you and the wife must be so thrilled. Good luck on the job too.
Congratulations Ashley! Best wishes to the two, or should I say 3, 4 or 5, of you. LOL Looking forward to see how many pies are in the oven. Good luck on the job situation.

Congrats!! Sending good thoughts on the baby"ies?" and the job interview
After I congratulated you on your previous post I worried that I had perhaps jumped the gun...

So this is an OFFICIAL CONGRATULATIONS! (On all counts)
Tommorow is another blood test. Yesterdays read I at about 106 for levels, if they are over 200 tommorow they will order an ultrasound to see how many are in there.
Congratulations Ashley,

How lucky to be possibly having twins - I always wanted twins!!

Good luck with the job!!!

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