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Mar 14, 2004
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Ontario, Canada
Diamond showed ALL the signs today, and gave us a beautiful filly at 11:30pm on Saturday evening. The birth went very fast, and baby seems to have lots of energy and character. She is a little slow to nurse. Mom is having a bit of a rough time with cramps, and her udder is FULL and dripping so she is alternating between naps, and trying to convince baby to nurse. Diamond is being a great mom, I've decided after 4 hours of trying to "help" I will just come to the house, and let them figure it out...of course, the second i get up here, i notice on the monitor that baby is nursing....

Baby's name is Dolly. My question for you is what colour is she??? I thought chestnut, but the skin aroun dher eyes and her privates is white? Her mane is chestnut, but her tail is white and chestnut. Her dam is chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, her dad is silver bay. Her full brother is a yearling and he is a silver bay with no white.... I will post pictures tomorrow....Right now, I am going to get a few hours sleep before I do morning chores!!
First off Congratulations. I would personally take off some of that milk from her udder and store it, and i would also take off some and try a bottle with the baby- that milk dripping away is the colostrum- you may need it and, the harder Mamas bag gets the more painful it will be. strip some out for her comfort and put it in the freezer. It's good for a year, you may need it. Baby sounds like she could be Silver Bay, too soon to make a guess without pictures- and even then it's hard to tell before they turn their first coats. I f baby is not full on nursing when you go to check, get in there and help, and take a bottle and try that. I find a lamb teat works far better than a human one. Good Luck.
She's probably a Chestnut or Silver-Chestnut. Her mane & tail would have a "smokey" tint to it, if she were Silver-Bay. sure to post pictures when you get them.
Congratulations on your new girl. I would guess she is a sorrel, as red-based foals are often born with the light pigment that darkens as they get a little older.
congrats on your new foal.

As long as baby is actually nursing and not just messing around down there but you see swallowing.. i wouldnt worry to much about the dripping- milk is made on a as needed basis and it usually or shall i say isnt uncommon for a mare to take a day or 2 to reduce the amount (or increase the amount) to meet babies needs

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