Is Sky deaf?

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May 26, 2005
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I am really getting concerned about Sky's hearing. There is not a noise yet that I have found that even gets a response out of him. I have shot guns and beat on a pot and it doesn't phase him at all. I guess I need to wait until he is asleep and try those noises. I hope I am worrying over nothing
Anyone have any suggestions? I know it's not the worst thing in the world but I am really getting worried. He moves his ears like he is listening but certain things should get some type of response from him.
Well, what type of response are you looking for? If he moves his ears, that's one basic hint that he is listening. From what I've discovered with my mini, baby or not, absolutely nothing bothers him! They just don't seem to give a rip about stuff that would have even the calmest big horse at least jumping a little.

Can you maybe put him in a stall under camera and then do something loud outside it and look to see on the camera if he reacts? You'd have to eliminate vibration responses, smell, all that, as possible factors in getting his interest.

If your horse seems happy and healthy, if he responds to you and enjoys life, I wouldn't worry about it!

[SIZE=14pt]Sky is a sabino overo isnt he??? They can be deaf. sort of like the dalmation thing.[/SIZE]

We had a little overo filly born here this year who is deaf. Her responses just weren't that of a normal foal, took me a couple of days to figure out for sure she was deaf. She is absolutely normal in every other way, runs plays etc. - and she's gorgeous.

What color or pattern(s) is your colt? So far I have only found deafness in the maximum splashed whites. My maximum sabinos hear quite well!
I have a couple of white cats that are deaf. They still move their ears and sometimes act like they hear things, but they are deaf as doorknobs. The 'vacuum cleaner test' was failed. They are still great pets. I have some white that are not deaf as well, including a white female Manx with no tail and TWO blue eyes. I was always told if they had 2 blue eyes, they are 'always' deaf. Not so.

Yes, I would wait until your horse is laying down asleep, as mean as it sounds, and see if you get a reaction of any kind.

[SIZE=14pt]I think I got the Sabino and Splash white mixed up. Lyn[/SIZE]
Here is a picture of Sky. I know nothing about coloring

What color would you all call him? His entire face is white and the coloring starts at the base of his ears. He has 2 blue eyes. I have been out making all kinds of noise and don't get a response from him. It doesn't matter about his hearing either way. It's the not knowing part that is driving me crazy. If he can hear he is probably wondering what my problem is! LOL

I was just reading about a deaf horse that does not whinny or neigh like a normal horse that can hear. Sky's whinny and neigh sound perfectly normal. Are you able to determine anything by this? We even got out the air horn from our boat and blew it several times over his head with no response what so ever
What's funny though is when we first brought him home we thought he was "talking" to my sister's horses that are 5 acres over. Sky would whinny and then they would whinny back. This went on for a few minutes. Sky was more than likely not hearing them. It must have been a one way conversation. LOL

Thank you all for your responses. I wish I was horse smart so I could help with others and their questions but I'm not. Just know that I appreciate every response I get from you all!!
I still say he may not be. My horses are all at my moms on a very busy road. There are constantly sirens going by there. They wont even lift a head to look at what it is. Nothing phases them, honestly.
The filly we had born here also did not respond to ANY sounds. I tried clapping above her head when she was sleeping, when she was awake, whistling, etc - nothing got a response. She does nicker to her mom now, and seems very bright and responsive in every other way.

I did some reading after we discovered ours - there have been lots of horses with show careers, etc who are deaf. The well known reining horse Gunner is deaf, didn't seem to hold him back any lol.

[SIZE=14pt]I had a big horse that was splash and he was deaf. You won't believe this but his name was Sky to!!!![/SIZE]
Maggie, won't even bat a eye lash if hubby starts up the lawn mower, or chain saw within 5 feet of her. She cares less about loud noises.

Wish I could find a big horse like her!!

Does he like grain? If he knows what grain is when you shake a bucket, you might want to give that a try.

Maggie knows about her Vitamin/oat bucket,, I shake that even if she can't see it, she will look and either walk or run to me, depending on her mood.
[SIZE=14pt]Skys color pattern is a combo of splash and sabino overo. The sabino is the roaning in his color patches. The way his white is distributed is mostly splash but again the sabino alters the pattern.[/SIZE]


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