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Aug 21, 2003
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Would like any information on Winks Jerico bloodline and farms that carry and sell this bloodline. Thank You.
[SIZE=14pt]Dr Tom Taylor has HP Jericos NEw Image who is a winks Jerico son. Man of Steel is a Jerico grandson. He has some daughters of Jericos New Image in his sale this may.[/SIZE]

If you want to go to the source - go to South Dakota.
Winks Jericho was owned and used by Joan Olsen (or is Olson?), Carol Bolstad and Dennis Post - two sisters and a brother - The Hitchin' Post - HP prefix.
They all live just outside of Volga, SD and have a herd of small, very intensely Winks bred Shetlands. Their current herdsire is a Jericho son, HP Jericho's Peaceable Prince (out of Winks Peaceable). They have several Jericho daughters in the herd also and do quite a bit of intense line breeding. Tina Rosvold and I bought two HP weanling last fall and at that time Joan had a 3/4 brother to New Image for sale.

If you want to see the two HP ponies that Tina and I own check out the Show page on my website.
Thanks for the information Lewella. Looked up your horses and they are beautiful especillay like the filly. Tried finding web site and looked on Breeders connect for Hitchin Post Farm and cant find. Do you have a web site or email for them. Thanks for all your help now and in the past. have a wonderful Easter.
They are really low key and don't have a website or email.
I can't find my sale catalog from last October's I-90 Sale but they had a couple of ponies consigned and Joan's phone number was in there. Okay, Jeff Olson's number - 605-627-9374. Just tell him you are trying to get in touch with Joan to talk ponies and he'll point you in the right direction.
Joan loves to talk ponies and I'm sure she'd love to hear from someone interested in her breeding.
Tell her Lewella from Minnesota sent you.
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