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thanks everyone. I am unsure when we can go home. It is looking like another week, due to no water or electricity. We are in a rural area, so it may take up to 7 weeks for electricity. I have heard from a few others since we first spoke. I still know nothing about the farm that possibly lost all their minis. I just pray they eventually get in and it was not as bad as reported. Everything is just not being reported because of Houston and Galveston. We were hit as hard as them, just a small community.
We are sooo very sorry for all involved, {{{{{HUGS}}}}}
We all appreciate your thought s\and prayers. There are so many of us that are blessed, that our houses and families are fine. Theworst part for me is that we cannot even get home to Bury Grace. Try explaining that to an eight year old when we get home. We are still displaced, many of us are, since the manditory order has not been lifted.

We are doing fine, and are making the best of it.

Oh, I almost forgot, the 11 horses are fine,they survived!!!

Updates will come as I can. Power is coming up slowly in Beaumont. They had to get downtown back up and running because of the refinery...

Everything from what I understand looks like a bomb went off. It has been almost exactly 3 years since we did this with Hurricane Rita. Oh, and we lost 40 trees. That will be fun to clean up
So very sorry to read of your news about the loss of Grace.

My apologies to you - I posted my sympathy on another thread and called your daughter Charlotte. Please give Savannah a hug from me, this is just too much for a little girl to bear.

Glad you hear that you and the rest of your family and animals have come through safely. What a terrible experience this has been for everyone.

Does anyone have any news of other farms in the areas that have been badly hit?

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

I am so sorry for your loss, but am glad to hear your other horses are OK.

I know they are not letting property owners back in many areas, but I would think they would let folks who own livestock back in to care for their animals. Who is taking care of them since they dont let owners back in?

That would be my biggest fear, not being able to care for my animals
I am soooo very sorry for your loss, I cannot imagine having to leave my home/farm, and worrying about what has happened, and not being able to go back.....
My prayers are with you and you family.
That is why I will not leave. I don't care if it is coming right up my back door I will not leave my animals.

I know some people have to, like Alicia who has small kids but my boys are older. My husband called me from Iraq and asked me both during Gustav and Ike if I was leaving. LOL. He knew the answer but I guess he felt he had to ask.

has any one heard from Carlene? I sure hope she is o.k.. Also Deanna Welch. They both live in the Orange, Texas area.

Alicia call me if you need me. I'm so sorry you lost your mare.
So sorry that you lost your daughters mare, very sad. Hoping you are able to go home soon.
Oh ...I am so very sorry!!! I've been watching everything on the news and just seeing the pictures of the devestation cannot begin to compare to what you must be going thru. My husband works for one of the big power companies here in the state of NJ and they're sending 60 of their guys out to you all to help with restoring the power. He's staying back on the home front but monitoring the situation as it goes.

Again ....I am so very very sorry for the loss of your mare.....that is heartbreaking.
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I have now heard from Carlene, she is fine, and her horses are fine. We are headed home tomorrow, so I will not have computer access anymore. I have neighbors that have been feeding for me, and others have dropped in food for them.

I DREAD tomorrow, I am just sick. I do not know how to tell Savannah, and I know our place will be dreadfully bad smelling by now. I feel so aweful for everyone. My husband has been called back into work. he works at a car dealership. Here is my frustration. We are STILL under manditory evacuation orders. Why do they expect him to bring his family back into that area.

Oh, ya'll can go to www.klvi.com and look at Ike pictures.
I am soooo sorry for your loss. Ike has been a "booger". I am sending you healing thoughts.

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