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Sunrise Valley

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Aug 10, 2006
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western North Carolina
The IAMHA auction starts tomorrow, and there are still no pictures of the sale horses. Does anyone know if they intend to include them this time?

Also, Is anyone familiar with TopGun Performance Horses, LLC? Where are they located, and do they have a website?

I could not find a web site for them.

I do know there will be pictures. I think they're just now getting them set up.
I have looked at the sale page several times and the pictures are there, it might a few seconds for them to all load but I see pictures now.
I see only the list too, no photos.

It sounded as if you have to register as a buyer, then they will send the link to the on -line auction photos. But, I tried to e-mail--using the button provided--to ask to be notified when I can register as a buyer & when the photos are up, and the e-mail won't go though. I get an error page that says something to the effect that "sorry cannot send to iamha....is iamha on this server?" So, that didn't work!
I saved this link from the last auction, so I guess thats why I can see the pictures too.

Here it is if it will work for anyone else.

IAMHA Online pictures

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