I would like to introduce our newest additions...

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Well first I would like to introduce my new horse. His name is Melody Golden Star and he is a 2yo palomino regt. QH colt. He is very sweet and loving, he doesnt know he is a stallion yet as the hormones havent kicked in. He needs some weight put him on and we are slowly working on that. He was in a field with approx. 20 other horses and was low man on the totem pole. He is shedding out to a wonderful Golden color. He only has one white front sock and the streak down his face. He should mature at approx 15Hands. I plan on getting him in shape and showing him this summer.

Here he is the day we brought him home...


Here he is with my mom.


Next I would like to introduce my daughters 4H project.. its a boer nanny goat. She was born on Jan. 20, 2008. She is funny to watch and is still not sure yet of us. She wasnt handled much other than at birth and when she had her shots and was wormed. But she is slowly coming around. She now starts calling when she sees one of my daughters. My daughter is not doing the market goat project, but the breeding goat project. If all works out well with this one, I would like to start raising these goats in the future.


What nice additions to the family

Both look like such sweethearts!

He looks great! but Im sure your QH would love the groceries

Thanks for sharing your new ones:)
Thank You! We are working on putting the weight on him. I think he is really enjoying being able to eat grass without fighting for every blade he can get like he did before we bought him(As he has not met any of my other horses as of yet b/c we just brought him home). We are graining him small amounts to build him up 3 times a day and he is out on pasture 24/7 and we take him out in my uncles field and hand graze him for about an hour each day b/c as you can see in the pic of him and my mom there is no shortage of grass in that field. He likes to follow you around the field and in the barn. He has to always be touching you in same way either by standing beside you or resting his head on your shoulder. He has excellent ground manners and loads like a dream. All you have to do is touch his leg and he picks it up for you. The people we bought him from did not originally own him. They bought him had him for a year and realized they were getting overwhelmed with horses and sold him again. The original owner who I know of is a wonderful person and does excellent training with her babies before she sells them. And it really shows with this colt.

Thanks Again.

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