I want to kick some butt... for this poor horse..

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Black Magic

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Feb 19, 2004
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Ocala, Fl.
On the other thread I stated I called the rescue people for this horse the neighbors introduced me to that was all bones and in very poor shape. They called back and we've been going voice mail to voice mail. Anyway, we were supposed to take dinner to the neighbors tonight, so that I could talk to them some more about this horse and give them the phone no. to call this woman and make the proper arrangements.

When I got there, there was this poor mare, (eight year old part appy and part tenn. walker) with a clothes line tied to her halter, and wrapped around her legs and tied to a heavy weight on the ground. My kids jumped out of the truck and my eight year old boy started to cry, saying Mama, she's gonna break her leg! The more he cried the more she fought to get loose. I chased the kids in the truck and went and got a friend who used to work in George Steinbrenner's stables, and knows horses, better then I do. Robin came back and freaked out, that first of all, the neighbors weren't home, second the water was out of reach of the poor horse, third the water in the bucket was greasy and dirty, fourth, she was left with nothing but alfapha hay to eat, and of course, fifth, that the mare had given herself a nasty rope burn from fighting this clothes line. I remembered that I had the cell no. to these neighbors and I called them. Now, I had been there.. a half an hour, plus I had gone to get Robin. They said they left her tied just for five mins. (was I born yesterday?) They said she was fine tied like that when they were home, so they thought returning the trailer they had borrowed, (as theirs was filled with hay for their goats) wasn't a big deal.

Anyway, I ran home for the first aid kit and to make sure it had furisan (sp) in it for them to use on the rope burns on her legs, and when I got back, it turns out, that this poor all bones mare is IN FOAL! The woman who had her said she got her at the auction in Dec. So that would mean she's five to six mos preggers.

So then Robin (the horse person) tries to put the topical stuff on the horse, and she's freaking. Robin asked the neightbor if what I said was true that he was paid $325 to take this horse. He said the money was for vet bills, and she was just paying for him the first check up. Robin asked him, if he did intend to use the money for the vet. He said, "well, what can the vet really do for this poor horse?" (in other words he wasn't going to spend the money on the horse!)
We both told him , that the vet could tell him alot about the horse, and whether or not it could survive this pregnancy or be brought back from where it was now. I threw in, that he needed to know a bit about first aid for horses, collic, or anything else that could cause an emergency medical situation for the poor horse. His response was...

"What's the worst case scenario? that she could die?" I am so glad right now I believe in God and his justice, because I think I would of hit the man if I didnt. So I told him.. The worst case scenario is that the horse breaks loose looking for grass and gets hit by a car and the driver dies and you get sued. I'm so mad...
It didn't bother him the possibility of the horse's death, but what bothered him was the possibility that he could get sued! Oh, and I don't think the idea of someone dieing in an accident was too upsetting either. Robin jumped in to say, she knew of such a case with a pony.

Robin told him of a place that takes dogs, horses, cats, etc.. and it's a no kill foundation. I kept telling him of the place I called that will come pick up the horse.

He was going to run a clothes line that she could have a lead tied to, so she could run between trees!!! what!!! Instead he emptied out a PIG pen, and put her in there for the night. He said it was a pig pen, but I have to say, mostly I've seen his stallion goats in that pen. It's only 48 inches high, and it has two in round fence poles. (It wouldn't hold my dog!) But she's so weak.. I don't think she'll go far. I do worry that her being surrounded by feces from goats, ducks, chickens, pigs, emu's, one horney mini donkey, bunnies, turtles, etc... just isn't good for this poor mare.

Now, as this neighbor was a friend... how can I get them to do what is right for the mare, and not have them hate me so bad, they want to harm my minis or have them be nasty to our kids. Hubby is active duty military and won't be home for a few weeks...

My worst fear is that once any sane person would get a look at all these animals in one pen, and the conditoin of this horse, that they would loose all their animals. They have enough fencing material to fence in the entire 43 acres... but it just hasn't gotten done. I hear plans are underway to seperate the chickens from the goats... but.. in the meantime...

just don't know... Anyway, I could just use some friendly advice and support on how not to end up a victim (thinking verbal abuse) because I have so been fighting to get this mare a decent home, or at least make sure she has medical care.


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I'm sorry but if I were in that situation and the people werent planning on getting this mare medical attention and being preggy to boot, I would get your humane sociaty involved. That is cruelity in my eyes. I feel for that poor mare. My heart goes out to her.
I'm on the verge of getting someone out there, but I know.. it would be pretty ugly. They would know it was me, and being alone with the kids, can be scary when the neighbors want your throat for causing them problems. I'm just waiting until tomorrow to see if this promise to call someone to rescue the horse works out.. or if it's another broken promise.. we'll see..

For tonight, all I can do is vent and Pray...

Thanks for the response.. my heart is so broken for this sweet little girl..
I have previously done Equine Cruelty Investigations, and this is defintiely neglect at LEAST. The local Animal Services needs to be brought in. Can you see their animals and pens from the road? The complaint could be called in anonymously, or the toher person that was there to help could call it in. If I was closer I would come down and say hi and have a look for myself.

Please, do something, don't just wait on them.

Beth Rood

[email protected]
No, you can't see the pen from the road, (if there was a road). We live on a paved road, but it stops about three houses up the street from me, and that's where their house is. There is nothing but limerock and going up their hill almost requires a 4x4 it's so full of ruts and such a step angle. Robin who went with me last night was freaking because as she said, "they have a house with a caged pool, and 43 acres, and a rental house next door, and they can't even put up a fence for this horse?"

THey told me, first thing this morning, they were going to move her, (don't believe that at all). So I will give them this morning to see if they follow through.

I looked at my feed corner this morning, and looked at the electrolytes that we have and the horsey treats and all the stuff I've accumulated to give our mini's and thought how it could help this poor mare, and I just broke down and cried.

OMG.. my son just told me that when we first she was in a pen with a stallion. I said, Stephen, the woman said it was a gelding. Stephen said, Mom, geldings don't have hanging down testicles. So the woman that he got this mare from put her in her horrible condition in with a stallion.

Anyone in Ocala has the stomach for this sort of thing and want to go "visiting" with me, please contact me ASAP. I sort of worry about posting a phone no. here, but I'll check in for PMs and emails frequently this morning. I'm also waiting for the woman from horse protection to call me.

I feel so bad, because I have so little stomach for this sort of situation. I feel guilty that our three don't have deent grass right now.. The winter rye died and the bahia is barely showing up in some corners... we have a QH that boards at a lovely farm that is sort of pricey, but there she gets the best care until we move and get our acreage fenced appropriately and get a full size barn. I am such a basket case this morning..

Thanks for the advice and support.. will keep you posted...

Thanks again,

Lynn W
Im hoping you can get ahold of the woman with rescue and have her help and advise you. Hopefully she can go and gently tell them they are not going right by that mare and that it would be better to turn her over to them. Please let us know

would they let you buy her? if it were me i would offer them some money to take them off there hands and then save face with them or.. offer to take her now and if when you sell her you will give them 15 percent or something whatever just to get the horse out of there and not make enimies if you are home alone with the kids you cant afford to do that or risk your own horses while you might be out
They swore they'd find a good home for her last night, when she was tied to this big weight. I almost cheered when he was holding the clothes line to the horse, and she almost bolted on him.. I wanted to yell, RUN RUN RUN!

Anyway, today, hubby called and I had to run to JAX to pick him up and bring him home for a few days, (so that's good). However, when I called our ferrier, (who I had introduced them to, and had advised them it was a dangerous thing to get involved with) she had an in comming call and it was them.

THEY FRIGGING WANTED RIDING LESSONS!!!! So I doubt he's going to keep his word to get rid of the horse.

I don't think they would sell her unless I handed over our full size QH or enough money to buy them a new horse that was saddle broke, and it turns out that this horse is a Tenneesse Walker, so it'd have to be that..

I guess right now, all I can do is let our ferrier reason with them. When I said that Buckeye was good feed, and they found out it cost $22.00s a bag... (just use a little with oats), they said it was the same thing as goat food, and they'd feed her that...

I'm thinking of talking to our vet. I think that if he saw the situation he'd be the first one to knock a few heads..

I'll keep you all posted..

Thanks agin,

Lynn W
I dont think I could sit around any longer and watch her in that condition. I would be getting some rescue league or humane society involved. I feel so bad for that poor mare. I hope for her sake she is not bred. If I were closer I would love to help out. But I am in Va. I hope something happens soon for her. Keep us updated.

We're moving to new property soon, and I went to our new mini barn over there, and ran into Robin the TB woman down the street. She called there today, and asked if she could do anything for them, and they said that someone was comming to pick her up today at 5 pm. and thanked her for her concern and hung up on her. Personally, I don't believe it, but I also believe that until they call me, I am probably persona non gratis on their property with this mare. I'm thinking I need to get picutres... but need to be careful I don't get myself in trouble. I do NOT believe that anyone picked her up, because both Robin and I had places for the mare to go, and they never contacted either of us. I do believe that either she's left of a disaster waiting to happen where they will be reaching out to the horse people in our development asking for help.

Will keep you all posted, but I'm gonna check with the ferrier this afternoon to see what the word is from there. Maybe they arranged a rescue. As the ferrier (also named Robin... ) said. I need to be very very careful.

Will keep you all posted. Thanks for all the support. I am so glad our QH more is safe and sound being boarded right now.

God Bless,

Lynn W

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