I pulled a fast one......re: starved mules

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Nov 30, 2002
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I'm sorry I forgot to tell you what I did.

On the opposite road from where the mules are located, they were out there rolling hay into round bails. They were selling them right out of the field and people were there picking them up with their trucks.

So I pulled in and asked how much. $15.00...I said OK....they loaded me on a small one.

Then I went to the place where the mules are kept.

I was going to say that I bought this hay, but I have miniatures and didn't realize they can't have this and I was going to ask them to take it off my hands so that I wouldn't have to haul it up the mountain. My transmission in my truck is bad, and I don't like heavy loads in it.

But they were not home. So I decided to get this hay out of my truck and leave it in the gate way so they can just push it in for the mules.

And I thought I had better hurry up before someone comes home and catches me.

Well you should have seen me trying to get this stupid hay bail out of my truck. I was struggeling and pulling and pushing and trying to hurry up and dump it near their pasture gate. And the thing would not budge.

I fianlly got in front of the thing, and set my back against the back of the truck bed and with all my might, I was pushing this rolled bail out of my truck with my feet with all my might! And belive me, I was getting scared.

WOW! That was a tuffy! And it finally went. KaBoomy........And thank you GOD for not letting it roll down the hill out into the road.

I must be geting pretty good too, because the hay landed right in the gateway where I wanted it to go and didn't roll at all.


The mules by the way, came right up and began to eat it over the gate there.

Last time I check, it did make it into their pen. But I tell you, I am never pulling something that stupid again because I was scared to death I would get caught and they would call the law or something.

I hope no one saw my truck because everyone knows my truck. But it's been several days now, so I think if I were to get in trouble, I would have already heard about it.

Sorry I forgot to give you this update.
Dang Marty you are brave!!! I so admire what you did but i wish there was another way
eventually that hay is going to run out too but at least they are not hungry today

That WAS a really stupid thing for me to do. For many reasons and I do know better.

There may have been a reason besides starvation that those mules were not supposed to be eating any hay or grass. Sometimes, looks ARE deceiving. Maybe the vet had them in that wooded area for a reason. LIke founder maybe? And maybe they were on a controlled diet?

OK OK most likely NOT. These mules probably have never seen a vet. And maybe their teeth are so bad that they can't handle any hay chewing. So that is bothering me that I may have caused a problem in their health. Although I doubt it.

So if anyone ever attempts some thing stupid like what I just did, try first talking to the owners before assuming anything and just jumping in and taking things into your own hands. In this case, I wouldn't dare try to talk to these people. I s hould not have taken matters into my own hands.

I will post a story about that too when I have time.

This was just a spur of the moment decision. I saw the hay being rolled. It was really close to the mules. I had $15.00 bucks in cash. I didn't think it through. I jumped the gun. It was stupid. Don't no one try this really. IF I were caught, I could be in so much trouble.
Hay Marty---Great job...now I know WHO to get when I have to try to pull something off! At least the mules had a good meal!

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