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Feb 19, 2004
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In a few days, I'm going to place that sells mini/reguler donkeys, and I don't want to come across as a total idiot about them!

Any tips or anything important I should know before I throw myself into a big mass of fuzzy, furry, four-legged animals?

Remember, I've never touched a horse before...
JuGGler_jOe, SO glad to hear that your going to be enjoying the ownership of a new donkey very soon!!! You will fall in LOVE not only with there ears but them! Look for one that is in good health, has a nice even bite (or at least clost to a even bite!) and has good hooves, also check to see if your "choice" donkey has had shots, worming, and farrier work done regularly. We will be waiting for pics of that new "buddy" of yours! Corinne
Oh, I feel so bad now!

I wasn't trying to say I was going buy one, just looking for future!

I think I'm just going to this farm because I'm bored to death, and I'm dieing to be around a horse of ANY KIND!


I have the money, and the time, and I WOULD BUY ONE because I'm CRAZEY about them; but we don't have enough property!!

Our yard is just waaaay to small, and I don't want to board one. I mean whats the good of having one if your never around to see it?

Thanks anyway for the tips MeadowRidge! If (Big IF) we ever move, they might come in handy!

Maybe one of you nice people on this forum can give me an idea on how to help my "Mad horse Passion"!
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Hay there JuGGler_jOe....I think ALOT of us on the forum need HELP
with our out of control passion for them! So, sorry...cant help you with your mad horse passion!
Hopefully someday you will have enough land to actually experience "all these little LONGEARS have to offer, but until then keep up with that MAD HORSE PASSION of yours! Corinne

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