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Casnos Minis

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Mar 19, 2006
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Willliamsburg, MA
We have been looking for a place to rent, no luck. We need a 3 bedroom home. I can't find anything for under $1200 a month. Well I shouldn't say that if I want to live in the city slums I can. I don't want my kids growing up around drugs and that type of stuff. I would love to find a little 2-3 acre farm to rent to own. That would be ideal for us as we had to file for bankruptcy 2 years ago. It's just getting harder and harder to live with my parents. My reltionship with them is very strained right now. They can't be "grandparents" so my mom says as we have rules and they are letting them get away with things they know they shouldn't. Also they can't be normal grandparents as my mom (55 years old) is usually in bed all day and my father is 76 and can't remember alot anymore, plus he's in a wheel chair due to having his leg amputated. They are in bed all day and stay up most of the night. My mother is eating nothing but junk and wonders why she's gained 40 pounds in 6 months. She keeps putting on me that if we leave they won't be able to pay their bills on the $1800 a month they get ($900 from me and $900 from dad's Social Security and my mom's retirement). They have a reverse mortgage so the don't have that payment. It's just elec., phone, DTV, food, and car ins. I'm getting sick of that. I work 3 days a week and she can't even get something out for me to make for dinner. My kids can't understand why they can't eat like Nana. She eats frosting and crackers (morning, noon, night, snacks), anything sweet. She'll buy a 24 count of ice cream crunch bars and they are gone in 2 days. She won't go get her sugar checked per order of her Dr., she's on alot of pain meds for her fibromyalgia, ruptured disc, chronic fatgue syndrome. She does't do anything the Dr. says and I'm sick o trying. I work as a PCA for my dad and I have quit 2 times and they don't listen. I can get paid to care for him, but my mom can't, that's why I did it. Well they have talked me out of $900 a month, they think mom should get most of it as she's the one always home. They knew I wold be working 3-4 days a week to board our horse Drew. They also know I'm looking for something else. I can't work at night as I have night blindness and can't drive at night. But I have to find something to work around the kids going to and from school. They had a 1/2 day today and I had to work ( I work 8:30 to 2 pm 3 days a week). I asked them if Nana was up and they said no she was in bed. She knew she had to be up and that they had a 1/2 day. I can't count on her to help or be up for them after school and i can't afford a babysitter or daycare. There isn't a daycare in my town so they can't get picked up or dropped of there. I don't hae many friends who are willing to help me either. If I get this barn manager job, I'm quiting my PCA job. We were supposed to be saving money, but I've had to pay for more than my 1/2 of the bills alot of the time especially when we first moved in as they were way behind on all their bills so I had to get everything caught up so they didn't shut everything off, and we haven't been able to get back from that. I just don't know what to do anymore, they don't take me seriously. They wnat to know why I hide in y room for the hour before the kids come home (duh! so I have some peace before they get home), and so I don't have to deal with them. Sorry it's so long I just needed to get this off my chest.

I know news paper ads can be expensive but I would someway find the money to run a wanted ad and say what you are looking for. There might be someone who has just what you want but hasn't advertized yet.

Fliers in the local feed stores or any place they will let you put one up might help too. I'd keep it short and sweet just the particulars.

((((HUGS)))), for the rest of your post. I hope you find something soon.
You definately need to move south where its affordable! $1200 a month for rent is outrageous. You totally need to move out and away from that situation and get on with your life and your kids lives.
My mortgage payment isnt even that for a 6 br house and 170 acres

If i had the extra money i would hire you and the kids to help me here on this ranch and my farrier business

and drew could stay here with my critters

wish you were closer

Yes $1200 is very outrageous!! We are paying $1150 for a 41 acre farm, lease to own!! So you definately need to start looking out of the nomal places you have been looking!!! Best of luck!!!
hey try www.craigslist.com

i know lots of people that have found places and sold places on there

I have my house in SD on there and have more interest there then with realestate agents
That's awful! My house payment (granted, it's a mobile) is only $239 a month and I will OWN it in ten years!

Definitely try craigslist - it's an amazing resource and I'm sure you'll find something in your price range. You can also post an ad (it's free) for housing wanted and people will contact you if they have something available.


Liz R.
I did post on craigslist. I got an email form a guy that daels with getiing families like us a mortgage.

Marty- I wish we could move out of MA, but Tracy won't do it. I keep trying and trying, but nope.

Thanks everyone, I'm trying to keep my head up and trying to get out of here. I love working with horses and I'm miserable at any other job. I've had many other jobs and this is one I ejoy. I also love working with babies and young childern. I had a daycare when Noah was a baby, but my kids aged out and no one else came to me.

Please be really careful with who you deal with to get a mortgage. In today's world there are a lot of shysters out there.

Good luck.

Cripes that's terrible. Sorry you are going through all this! That is a lot of money- there is a place coming up next door next month that is a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile, vaulted ceilings, family room, living room, big kitchen and dining room, huge back porch, nice front porch, horse privaleges, for about $1K on an acre... but most places around here are more. It's cheaper cause it's a mobile. But has new carpet, it's stucco, like a house, and sits on a foundation, etc.... Nice place.

Most regular houses are more, even with the horrible housing market, some are waaaay more than that. We live right at the edge of the national forest too though, so plenty of riding trails in a fairly quiet place.
Boy, sometimes life can be so tough! I can feel your pain in your post. Those New England prices are ridiculous. I wish I had some words that would help but I know at times there is not much to say except better days are going to come!
Thanks everyone. We're stll trying. Right now both my vehicles are broke. Van needs struts, shocks, front and rear brakes. My truck just broke, wheel came right off while we were driving. So now I have to wait until Monday to get that fixed. I just can't get ahead when I try, I'm so frustrated!!

Good luck finding something. Every area is different on prices, I hear lots agreeing that $1200 for 3 bed house on a couple acres is alot, but really I don't think it is. If you look at it this way...what does that house cost to buy? The rent needs to at least cover the owners mortgage/taxes/insurance.

I live in a relatively inexpensive area, but a 20-30 yr stick built plain ranch home (in descent shape) on say 4 acres runs aroune $130,000. On a 20 yr mortgage (with 20%) down, add in your taxes (again depends on your area), they are pretty reasonible around here - approx. $1500 yr - insurance, even at a descent rate your mortage payment is going to be around $1,000-$1,100 a month. So if I was looking to rent something like that I'd expect to pay well over $1,000 a month in my area.

Before we bought our house, we rented. It was just hubby and me and the little snots in my avatar. We had just moved to MI from PA and we were not ready to buy yet, didn't know how long we would be in MI. I like to be in a rural area (hard to find a rental in the country). We found a single wide mobile home on 2 acres (3 bedroom/1 bath) for rent for $375 a month...I jumped on that. It was nice too, all drywalled. We did have to paint the inside (former renters not real clean) and scrub the carpets and a few other little things (the owner took $ off our rent for anything we did, including labor, so there were a couple months we didn't pay rent at all) but we ended up living there for 3 years until we bought the house we live in now.

So keep searching, you'll find something. Look for fixer upper rentals that your landlord will be willing to deduct from your rent anything you do...including labor.

Good luck and keep your chin up!
I do want to thank everyone for your replies and suggestions. We found out today that we can only afford a house for $100,000. Well around here there are none for less that $130,000. I know they go on what you have before taxes are taken out, I find that stupid as that's not how you pay for you bills. if it were that simple then we could buy the land i want and probably build a house on it. I might see if that is an option and I can live in a modular home, I've found some I like. We can clear our ouwn land and dig our own foundation as that is what my husband does for work. Not only does he pave driveways he digs foundations, trenches for electric lines, and gas and water lines, plus he does tree work on the side. So we would save money that way as all we have to pay for is diesel in his boss's machines, and if our wood is any good we could sell it for lumber and get money that way. I'm off to check on this, I'll keep everyone updated.

I hope something works out for you!

I know we were sort of in the same boat, and I wanted to buy land to build on, but found that I had to have a lot more of a down payment to buy land alone.