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Jun 3, 2004
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I need help teaching one of my horses to lunge. I am having trouble with getting him to understand and apply commands in to the lunging, he presents his commands, whoa, trot walk one, ect PERFECTLY when I walk beside him and he is haltered up with a lead rope, but he doesn't seem to understand what I ask when I am lunging him. He also has a lot of trouble with going in a circle he tries to go away from me and pulling with all his might, he will be going off to a trainer in Oct. I would really like to be able to lunge him for the time being, but for now we jog together for exercise.
(I cant complain I am in good heath and shape)

thank you,

Do you have a round pen? if not a corner of the fencing will work. It is harder but the fencing will tell him he cant go forward in at least two directions. And being at the end of the lunge line, just be prepared to pull him in if he starts to take off.

That is how I started with Dar b and it worked.
this is what we do

at first turn really small tight circles while saying "walk" while bouncing a stick or whip right behind him. If you do a tight enough circle he has to move because you have put him off balance. Gradually let the circle get bigger. Be sure to go both ways. As he starts to understand let the circle get bigger and bigger and hes going further away from you.

Go in small steps for example if i got him to circle out away from me at a walk on day one i would stop. Then on day two i would start with step one and add in the trot.

Day three he should be all the way to the end of the lunge and add canter

Good luck!

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