I need help! (shh not mentally)

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LOL, oh yeah what i needed help w/ ..... (sorry i got carried away w/ the story)

Coco has this little nipping problem. Its not bad to where you cant get near him. But like sometimes when were walking he will reach over and try to grab my pants leg. He likes to hold my shirt durings bathes and pants. But he cant do that bc he could bite me. I know he wouldnt mean to but i really wnat him to stop. Also he has trouble telling between when im playing w/ him or working w/ him. I know at the fair little kids are going to be all over him and i dont want any of them to get nipped bc coco is plays. Its cute ..but painful. Please help.

I've tried swatting his mouth. Yelling "STOP' loud. Smacking his kneck and then going on like nothing happened. Heck, i've combined em all. I dont like hitting him but nothing works. He dont kick or do anything bad ...exept bite and it drives me crazy bc he wont lemme teach him that.

Wow, welcome to the forum. You may not have mental problems now but it won't be long!

Have fun with your little guy he sounds really nice! Perhaps you can hardship him one day so he will have papers. It does sound like he needs some manners tho, it should not matter whether you work him on the grass or the sand, he is supposed to pay attention to you! He would need manners for the "fun" classes too tho., so don't be shy about saying "no" and meaning it, with a supporting tug at the lead if needed, whoa, good boy, bad boy etc............you know what I mean.

Yeah i know what you mean. He undertands Whoa really well. Usually i spend about 5 minutes daily where we walk about 10 ft and i say whoa and make him stop ...10ft agian ...Whoa. He's got that down. I got him our of where he tried to jump on you and kill you when your leading him. Where we got him was amish country so mostly it was just little amish kids jumping on him and chasing him around all day. He is such a sweety. I must admit that i do get a little soft on him ..so i will try being allot harder on him.

Is there a way i can get him registered? His parents are not registerd. I dont know what hardshipping him is? lol

thank you so much!
Just blew in to say "HI" and "Welcome to the Forum"

Very glad to hear that you are really enjoying your horse.

Coco is young and full of himself, so just be firm with him, not evil, just firm on the nipping. Work on his manners every day and he will get better.

Fun shows are fun!

Just wanted to point out to you one thing if you don't mind: it's that "bobbing for apples" contest. I would not do that with my horse or with myself. That would be a good way of contacting strangles or something else. It's not a safe thing to ever expose your horse to a water troff where they would be sharring water with horses that don't belong to you. Just thought you would like to know that before you enter him in that.

Thanks Marty. I didnt think about the sharing water w/ other horses thing. I dont think im going to do that. There is a list of about 100 other things i think that would be much better. Dont want to risk anything.

I do have a question about the dress-your-exibited animal contest. That is just where you put a cute outfit on your animal right? At first i wanted to get a tutu for him (yes ..for HIM). a blue one. But it was he** trying to find a tutu which with a 43inch waist. And i wanted a crown on his head and this special Purple glitter hoof polish and put saftey spray glitter on him.

Now im going more with putting a tux on him, baby dress shoes (or painting hooves black), a hat.

My other idea was to dress him up as a baseball player (dads idea). The tight striped pants, jersy, baseball cap.

Either way i go im going to have to do allot of sewing (oh dear god im going to loose a finger). I was wondering if anyone can give me any idea's or let me know which one they like most.

Am i going in the rite direction here? or is it something completely different?
Welcome to the forum and to having a mini (which if you are like most of us, it will soon be plural!).

As for correcting his nipping, this is such a common problem with minis, especially the boys! I would give him a sharp slap on the shoulder or neck (never the face) and say QUIT in a firm / nasty tone. Not NO, which sounds too much like WOAH. If that doesn't help, the slapping, you could use a crop or switch. With some of my horses, a slap doesn't mean a thing, but a crop does.
What is a crop? I'm going to start using Quit thing instead of No. I never thought about it sounding to much like whoa. hmm interesting.

He isnt my first mini. I had a mini back when i was 6 ...but i was 6. Its a tragic story there behind her. Alli (her name) was beautiful. She was professionally trained for 30 days i think. Beautiful white girl. We had her in a stall one night w/ our smaller cows where they could go in and out as the pleased to pick and sleep. We sometimes put her in there during the summer if it was really nice out w/ no rain. One night she was in there and i guess one of the cows broke through some part of out fence. I think only 1 or 2 got out. Well Alli got out to. I think it was about 3 in the morning when my dad was going to work and he was backing out of the driveway and saw a car parked infront of the nabors house. They were loading something into the back of there van and dad thought they were stealing soemthing. Come to find, they had hit Alli and didnt want to knock on any doors at 3am and were going to come back in the morning. Alli died when they hitt her and i never really had the heart to get another one even though dad offered to by me plenty of new beautiful mini's. I guess when i seen Coco i fell in love w/ him and couldnt resist having another in my life.

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