I may have found a solution to rising gas prices

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Dec 1, 2003
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Orono, MN
You don't want to pay $4.69 for gas, no problem, I have the perfect vehicle for you. Needs no gas, no oil, or even a battery, just some good hay and fresh water will do these animals fine. Now everyone has different needs, so choose from the following models:

Trail Horse

Your average run around town animal. Has the energy to get where you are going, the brain to find the best way to go, big enough to carry the normal sized American.


Perfect for those who travel long distances in a day and try to multi task while driving. Although the Arabian may not go to your home or office without specific instruction, it WILL go somewhere.


Calling all soccer moms. This big guy can carry the whole team, their gear and snacks. Just like the big machines, this guy will require more fuel, and his shoes will be more expensive than the compact model.

Western Pleasure

The right car for the high end white collar workers. This animal works harder and requires more special knowledge so only the best can figure this out. Be sure to take your cell phone. You won ' t be stuck in traffic, you just wont be getting anywhere fast.

The Parrelli Horse

Salesmen, stay at home moms, and high school kids will all enjoy this dream. You can load him down with flapping wal-mart bags, ask him to walk in places a horse wont fit, and you can dance with him as you listen to the latest tunes.

The Ranch

The most dependable animal available. He will go where ever you ask him to, at what ever speed is appropriate. You can tie him to the stop sign and he will be there when you get back. Best of all, this model has been specially engineered to be able to go without water for days and stay fat and slick by eating sagebrush

and dead prarie grass.


They go from zero to 45 in two seconds!!!! Can go all day on half a tank of gas and still have plenty of zip to get you home! No sittin' in traffic with one of these babies! Really good for "A" types who don't know where they're goin', but they've got to get there in a hurry....


The custom paint sports car guaranteed to give the driver and everyone around it road rage.


For those who enjoy bouncing on their shocks.


You'll get there, no matter what the road conditions are, this model is compact and strong, and as an added bonus, it'll do your job for you.


Compact model that needs almost no fuel, however it'll want you to carry it back home again at the end of the day.

Reining/team penner

Weave through traffic with the greatest of ease....then corner the dimwits and scare the snot out of them!


Small sized SUV made for almost anything...if you can keep it awake.


Where the mini-cooper got it's name, you'll need quite a few of these and a cart. And plan on stopping often for the "Awww, how cute!" factor.


The European import vehicle...great handling and wider *is* better...however expect it to be in the shop (vet) as often as a Jaguar. (or is that still Jag-yoo-ah

Of course all models are available in base colors (sorrel, bay, black) Special order colors are available (dun, grey, palomino) and for an additional fee, custom paint jobs are also available (overo, tobiono, blanket, leopard). No horse is sold with a waranty, however maintainence plans are available in the event brakes, steering, or accelerator fail.

After careful consideration, I've decided that my family needs a parrelli trained draft horse......what about you?????
thanks for the chuckle! jennifer
I'll take a Mini model and a cart, please.

My dogs will be thrilled that I can stop looking into buying harnesses and something for them to pull me to town with... LOL
We have been driving our team to the feed store for the last four months. Used to get some chuckles but they stand right there while we put a couple of bags of feed in the wagon and head home. Same for a trip into town to rent a movie or get and ice cream cone. Not that we are saving gas but it gives the animals purpose and many people see they are capable of doing more than eat hay and stand in a pasture.
Very funny!!!

A lot of the stores in my neighborhood are "equine friendly" and have places to tie your horse in front. Even our Pavilions (grocery store) has a place for horses!

Also, the cross walks have pedestrian walk/don't walk buttons that are elevated high up, so you don't have to get off your horse to push the crosswalk button!
Very Good!! Thanks for the laugh! I love the warmblood one, that is soo true!!

Make that 2. Mogans that is.

CZP1 said:
  Very Good!! Thanks for the laugh! I love the warmblood one, that is soo true!!


I think I will take a Arab in black, hmmm no wait maybe sorrel, ahh I think the black is better. I am an arab fan and always will be but of course black is my favorite color available in this particular breed so that would be ideal. Then as a back up a mini w/ cart in a nice smokey cream or perlino would be alright too.
Well I need something that can go fast for long distance. I am always running late for work and often get comments from my coworkers for the 80-90 miles in hour in a 45-55 mile an hour area.
THey all seem to be afraid of my driving, despite my need for speed I am a good driver.
Ashley you need to have several horses set up at relay points at say every ten miles. I do not know as minis would handle it but many standard bred horses to ten miles just warming up for a race. You could just reverse the horses on your way home.

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