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Dec 2, 2002
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I have a secret that will be arriving in two weeks time
Reeces Crystal Hawk of CC (Crystal) Her sire is 4G'S HF Little Kings Alphalpha Pleasure ("Hawk"). She is a blue eyed medicine hat mare and she is already bred to a black and white pinto for a 2006 foal. Will take pics of her once she gets here.

Her sire

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Yay! Congrats and I am sure she is just gorgeous since her sire is awesome Lol

[SIZE=14pt]Congradulations! She is coming from Jackie and David Hooks right? I remember her from when Vivi was alive and I visited her there. She is beautiful[/SIZE]

She is coming to me from Lynne Rauch. Yes I understand that Vivi Dupont purchased her as a yearling I believe or weanling, not sure. I am thrilled to be able to add her to my mini family. She is already bred for a 2006 foal and my question to any of you is what can I expect in color? The studshe has been bred to is owned by Lynne and is a black and white pinto. I want to breed her next year if possible to my black and white tobiano pinto. I love the splash overo pattern. How to you get such a pattern? I am no expert when it comes to color so we need to take a crash course.
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ooh ooh ooh Dani, I can't wait to see her....are you coming down here to the states?
Congratulations! I love her sire. Cannot wait to see pics
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Well she doesn't have the wonderful color of her sire. He is a splash overo I believe and she is all white with the exception of a "hat" hence the medicne hat and her hat is "rust" colored. I have only seen one pic of her and will wait and take pics once she gets here. I am hoping that she will pass on perhaps her dad's splash overo pattern but then who knows, lol. It will be interesting to say the least to see what she produces. She is 5 years of age and I do have a copy of her pedigree but am unable to find out what her dam's color was at this point. Her dam was Ashly Acres Blaze or Glory.
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Congratulations! I'm sure you are VERY excited!!! :D
No Marty I am not travelling down to the U.S. to pick her up as I already have a shipper heading her way in two weeks (Ohio).

Also on that transport I am thrilled to announced that my girlfriend "Val Wheler" has purchased her first mini(s), lol. Boy she jumped in with two feet. She purchased a mare with a foal at ther side (filly) and the mare is also bred for a 2006 foal. I don't want to spoil the surprise so I told Val that she HAS to become a member of lilbeginnigns and introduce herself and her new minis....
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[SIZE=14pt]I forgot that she was one that Jackie and David had taken to Mt Airy sale, Lynne must have bought her there. She is rust colored on top because she is actually a chestnut sabino medicine hat. Vivi got her as a yearling from Toni and then when she was very sick Crystal came to VA to the Hooks. Vivi had three or 4 Hawk daughters.[/SIZE]

Congratulations, her dam, Ashley Acres Blaze Of Glory is a sorrel pinto, her sire is a black pinto her dam is a solid buckskin. Hope you get a live healthy foal next year.
Minimom, thank you so much for the info. Does any one have a pic of that mare????
[SIZE=14pt]Toni Reece probably does...I think she may still own her.[/SIZE]

Yes Mary Lou, All Points is picking Crystal up and also the mare and foal that Val bought. They are all coming here to me :) so will have a baby to spoil for awhile before Val's mare and the foal head to Russell.
Mary Lou, have you got a horse coming from Iowa??? I understand from Marilyn that they are picking up a horse in Iowa and then are going to swing through Ohio for us.

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