I can't get the AMHR Show results to work

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Jan 7, 2007
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central florida
I have tried over the last several days to get show results on AMHR's site. I get to the web reports menu but then it cannot complete my request.
I remember over the past few years I would encounter this when they were updating data but it usually resolved the next day. Anyone know what is going on?
Yep, I've had nothing but trouble all summer with the AMHR show results site. Most times that I tried it it wasn't working and when it did work it was so not up to date that it didn't tell me anything anyway.

For Nationals results on horseshowsonline I'm back where I was the first few days of Nationals--none of the links work. The buttons are there, but it's as if there are no links attached to them, because I cannot click on them. Whatever they did to that site since last year was not an improvement. I much preferred last year's format--I had no problems accessing the pages, and I liked the single page list of placings--you just went to the class results and then scrolled down to the class(es) you wanted to look at. The way it is now, having to click on each class is a pain IMO, particularly since all through the show I was getting so many error messages. The only good part is when I'd try to go to a class or owner or horse and got the error message it would also say that an error message had been sent & it would be investigated--so every one of my error messages apparently meant work for someone.
Now, though, with no links to click on I can't even have that satisfaction.

I now have to say that I am very disappointed that they didn't use the horsestudbook site to post show results for ALL the shows, including Nationals. We used that for the show here, and once the show was all posted the results were easy to view. We're paying for the use of that site and we should be using it!
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Hey, how about that--it's working now, or at least the "small" shows are working--the Nationals page doesn't open for me (says web page not available)--but the others are working.

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