I am still shaking

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Sep 19, 2007
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My mare foaled about 40 minutes ago. The bag broke and I felt for legs and head- found the two legs. Then the head with a third leg were presented and I tried to push it back in before it got too far- I would like to think that helped, but I don't know- we got the baby out and all is ok. The baby was kind of stuck. I am still shaking. The placenta came out right away, too. Thank goodness for my Equipage and my husband! Without both, we may have had a different outcome.

Baby is trying to nurse but hasn't figured it out yet.

It is a colt- the Ring Test was right again! Go figure! lol

Actaully, while the process was going on, my mind kept racing through different posts here on LB- I think all of you saved our foal, too
Thank you.

I'm so glad everything turned out alright! Congratulations and I can't wait to see pictures when things settle down a bit.

I know the feeling Peggy.... its not one you like to experience too often.

But glad to here all went well for you, and you have a healthy foal now.
Oh thank goodness!! Congratualtions!
Congrats Peggy!!!!!! Yep the berry fairy was in KS, I had a colt at 6:15 this morning!!!! We had a head and one leg, my heart skipped a beat as well, but we got it and got him out, he is doing well!!!!!!

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Good Job!!!!!!! Yes! Pushing the foal back in DOES help! You did just right! Congratulations.
I'm so glad you got him out.

It really does help when you're in that situation, to go back through others' similar problems while you're waiting for the vet, because every minute counts when a baby's stuck.

CONGRATULATIONS and kudos for keeping cool and saving both your mare and foal!

Congratulations, great save!
I hope you stop shaking soon!

Can't wait to see pics.
Congratulationd Peggy! You and your hubby did a good job! WHEW! How scary!
Congratulations on the safe arrival of your new foal! I am so glad you were able to deliver him safely!
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Gosh you guys. Michele and Peggy I am thrilled that everything went well for the both of you. Now that being said "WHere's the pics?" ... I know I just needed my foal fix for the day
but I am glad all is well
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We also had the head and one leg "presentation".

Couldn't push the baby back till Mama stood up and then the foal was easier to repostion.

Luckily I was able to feel the other front leg bent back and put my finger behind the bent knee and "flicked: the leg forward.

Very scary stuff.
Scary! So glad it had a good outcome, congrats on your colt!


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