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Nov 9, 2004
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I keep my favorite brush in my barn jacket, works fantastic to remove all the shedding hair from the horses-even bought them for my horse friends for Christmas presents......2 days ago, it WASN'T in my pocket.....my greatest fear was that it was laying somewhere and that the horses might step on the rake part and damage their feet. I searched every inch of our place, and the places where I walk the dog in the morning. I was frantic that an injury would occur, and was terrified to let the horses out. Resigned myself to hand-rake the pasture today.........but I found the brush-at my pond!!!!!! WHEW!!!!! Now ALL of my grooming tools have flourescent handles and rope thru the hanging holes! That will NOT happen again!!!

Glad you found it!

I think I have that same brush for my Chow Chow dog...

I havent tried it on the horses...
I bought one like that (only with 2 rows of teeth) from the pet store. Yes it is sold as a dog brush but it is great for shedding out the thick winter hair my horses get and I have found nothing that can handle the spring tangles that mine get in their manes and tails like it does. I consider this one of the best buys I have made in years and would recommend them to any one.
I wonder if that sort of brush would work on my mother's Aussie/Mastiff? I can use a curry-comb on that dog for HOURS every day for 3 days, and still get SO MUCH FUR. She's got one heck of an undercoat o.o It looks like we've had dog-hair snow in the backyard! ICK
l guess l'm odd l haven't found anything to take the place of my good old fashioned shedding blades. l just did a few preg mares in waiting the past 2 days and they look better and l'm pretty sure feel a lot better about now. Whatever works is good...
Shedding blades are good (I have 2 of them) but I prefer this comb and I also use a pin brush that is self cleaning. (also made for dogs with undercoat) Between the two my horses loose their hair wthout me having to eat my wheaties to build muscles.
I have one of those brushes/combs! I have to agree that they are the BEST grooming tool around, even though they are marketed for dogs.

I've also read rave reviews about a brush called the Furminator. Great for dogs with those thick double coats. Google it. Wonder if it would work OK for horses?

I'm glad you found your brush again.. Hang on to that one tight!

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