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May 5, 2007
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My mare pawed at the stall so hard a piece of wood came off. She did it one more time and hit her hoof on a nail. It is not in the hoof. We called the farrier. He said to put iodione on it and limit her activity anything else I can do? Ugh!!!
Yes clean it out and dry it and then put iodine on it. Horses do this stuff all the time.
I was so upset. She puts her head down now and limps (esp when she sees me watching). But when my stallion is near she is all gal! Thanks

I have always been told leg, hoof injuries require tetnus shots and PCN. (other cuts injuries too) Not sure how bad your mare is hurt, but blood flow is typically slower in the legs making it harder for them to heal. I have had them step on roofing nail and had to pull it out. I have poured iodine in the hole with the other two things above mentioned. I give the tetnus antitoxin (fast acting) even when the horses are vacinated regularily. This is what the vets do too when they come. Good luck, it may start hurting more as time goes by as well.

Just a note: if a horse steps on a nail and it lodges in the hoof DO NOT TAKE IT OUT. Duct-tape a piece of wood to the bottom of their hoof to prevent the nail from moving/being stepped on (ie drill a hole in the wood or position it in a manner which can support the horse's weight without pressing on the nail). Then call a vet for their assistance. They will want to see the nail and usually will snap a quick x-ray to see where the nail went. If it avoided any important structures its easy to pull out and treat. If it hit the bone or punctured blood vessels more intervetion is needed to prevent serious infection. The tetnus shot is a great idea as well, but make sure its the toxoid vaccine as mentioned and NOT the standard tetnus. The standard shot will help the body build its own immunity, the toxoid IS that immunity and will immediately start fighting.
I like Vickie's idea about packing and drawing salves( maybe like Icktammol salve) also soaking in warm water with epsom salts a few times a day if possible.

Make sure she's utd on Tetanus and if not call the vet... Really, call the vet anyhow. That is what I would do at this point.

Things I can think the vet may suggest would be an oral antibiotic and maybe soaking in epsom salts.
My farrier is also a vet and he came last night and said it looked a lot better. So we will see. Thanks for the help.

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