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Dec 28, 2003
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Knoxville TN
We are having extremely large amounts of rain since yesterday before noon and now flooding everywhere...evidently caused by the current Hurricane Cindy...I spent the last year trying to put back topsoil on my fields that were depleted since last years rains...tooooooo hilly here...There is standing water on the interstates etc...My poor horses loved it yesterday but don't know how they will feel today if they get to go out...How is everyone else...Coastal it must be worst..
You poor things, if it's not one thing it's another. I pray you all keep safe- I am TERRIFIED of the wind- we have really only ever had one hurricane- 17 years ago- and it flattened my stables!! Ever since I've been a headcase in a high wind. I could not live in Florida, beautiful though it is.
Oh that must be hard to deal with and the season seems to be starting so early..

you take care and be careful out there.

Fizz, I moved to Florida 17 years ago; but after last year, I'm ready to go back to the midwest. Sure not looking forward to this hurricane season. We've already had lots'a rain this year, and it's just gonna get worse. Nothing here from Cindy, and they're saying Dennis is going elsewhere, but it's very very early.

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