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Nov 12, 2007
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Hockley, Texas
We're just north of Houston and have decided to shelter in place.

In fact, I'll be in the barn with the horses as I built the barn and it's sturdier than the mobile.

Good luck to everybody about to weather this storm.

Check in when we get power back. I'm going to really miss my air conditioner and my internet.

Take care,

Oh Vickie, I'll be thinking of you as I watch the progress of Ike; I hope you & your family & horses will all stay safe. We'll be anxious for word from you once the storm passes over you.

Stay safe!
I'm echoing..........STAY SAFE!!! And let people know how you're doing when it is all done!
I am just west of Houston, and we are staying. My house is all boarded up, we have food, flashlights, etc. I spent 4 hours this morning helping get all the horses at my barn settled in, which are about 30 minutes northwest of me. We have done everything we could.. Now it is just time to wait..
We're a few miles South of Vickie and a few miles NE of minihorses4ever. Almost right on the path line. Guess we'll get to see what the eye looks like although it will be sometime early in the morning. All the horses are settled in and we're ready. We're expecting 50-60 mph sustained winds with gusts higher for about 12 hours after midnight and 4-6 inches of rain. My main concern is how long the power will be out because inevitably it will go out. Oh well, lots of beanie weinies over the campfire.

Just praying to God..that he keeps everyone and all the animals safe. PLEASE take care of yourself. Corinne
From one who has been through more than one here in Florida, prayers coming your way. Please stay safe and check in as soon as you can.

After having survived 90 mph winds here in March here in Kansas (the roof got tore off the back of our house but our barn survived) wishing you all the best down in Tx.
Well, we just got the neighborhood "first tree down" award.

It's about a 30 ft tree along the back fence. No biggie but now I got to clean it up.

Well, we just got the neighborhood "first tree down" award.

It's about a 30 ft tree along the back fence. No biggie but now I got to clean it up.

Are you getting that strong of gusts ?

They aren't that bad here yet.
How are you all doing this morning?

It's getting "breezy" here so I know you all are getting hit. Stay safe and check in when you can.
Vickie, I have been searching to see how you are. You started the thread but I don't see a post after the storm.

Hope all is safe. Does anyone know about Vickie (Jouneys End).

I left Houston, not far from Al B. Good many trees where the horses stay. We landed in Marshall, Tx at Josey Ranch.....a wonderful place. Ike seemed to be following us as we went. Back home now and I am thankful that we left......and took the horses.....they would have surely been hurt.
Mom and Niece live in Tomball. Niece stayed, Mom came here ( 1/2 between Dallas and Houston) because she needs breathing treatments and cant go without power. We got wind and rain, no damage, just limbs down. A town over had some damage as they got winds from the south, ours were mostly from the north. Moms house has some roof damage and because of it, has been deemed uninhabitable
So she will be coming here untill work can even be started. Hubby works for BNSF RR and they just started trains going back south to Houston. He said that there was no power on the line, so crossings they had to stop the train and stop traffic ( bet that was FUN!!!) to proceed. So that also means that signals were out. Bet its going to be a joy for some time.

Hope everyone got out ok, and if not and you had damage, I hope you are able to get back up and running asap.

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