Hungry PG Mares...How Much?!?

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Dec 26, 2002
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My two mares (ages 8 & 9) are pregnant for the first time. They are due next April and May. When they were being bred, they were on pasture all day and then fed alfalfa hay in the evening. Their diet before breeding was 1/2 flake each of Timothy in the morning and Alfalfa Oat pellets in the evening. Coming back home, we're just giving them Alfalfa hay only, and about 1 hour of pasture (our front yard) grazing in the evening.

The question is...will Alfalfa Hay only, be okay? Is 1/2 flake each AM & PM enough or too much? The breeder said no vitamins or supplements are necessary.

Thanks in advance for any input!
My broodmares don't get an increase in their feed until the last trimester. They do fine and you really don't want them getting too heavy. If they get too heavy you can add problems you don't want.

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