How NOT to pratice liberty!

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Oct 20, 2006
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This is my yearling colt, Spirit.

First time we'd try loose school and we certainly had fun! lol

He might be a little monkey... but he is still my pride and joy!

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Boy he is in a hurry! he looks great and full of energy!!
He sure is cute
I have ran into that same problem with the darn electric tape :DOH!
someone's a little hyper. Don't feel bad, that happened to me before. I had my colt out in the back woods sorta (not fenced in) and he just bolted, i didn' expect it and the lead went right through my hand , he took off in the woods jumping everything that was on the ground, up the hill then came pounding back down, fell down, filped over, then came running back to us. HAHA. I was so afraid i started crying, i thought that was it, we would never get him back.
Thanks for the comments.

Spirit certainly lives up to his name! We lost his dad in 2006 and so retained him to run him on, he's so like his dad though with the hyperactiveness! lol

When it ducked under the electric i was more worried about the bonfire that was smoldering! That he kept running over!!

Problem is he is like this when trying to pratice trotting when in the ring... and for a little pony is rather strong! lol Stroppy as anything, don't get him out in the morning as soon as he's finished breakfast and it beating up the stable! lol Certainly got character!
Your video made my day, hes a little firecracker isn't he, my favourite part is the photo of him at the end kicking up his back legs with his tail flying out behind him, he looks like he was having a ball, thanks for sharing

Aww he is a cutie! If only mine had that much energy
That was a darling video! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. :D

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