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Dec 24, 2002
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I have a jenny here to breed to Kilroy. She just finished the "acceptable" period. How long of a period is it between heats? I haven't decided if I want to actually breed her with him but it would be kind of neat to see what kind of donkey he produces.

I have no experience with donkeys so I don't know when to put them together. I was afraid he would hurt her after last years experience with a jenny. All he wanted to do was fight. With this one, he is very sweet and affectionate. I would have just pastured them together had I known.
I am also new to mini donkeys. I bought the Jack 1st and just loved his sweet easy going personality. So got a couple Jenneys. Put them together and WW1 started. They kicked the s**t out of him for 20 minutes(didn't get hurt), he wouldn't give up. So, I kept him away for a couple weeks....tried again, same thing. I felt sorry more for the girls than him, he wouldn't get the hint.....leave the girls alone!!!!

One night I heard the girls braying.....and had not heard them before, so thought hummm, maybe in heat. Sure enough, but Jack in with them......and it was soooo funny, they chased him all around......poor guy couldn't get away. The girls were now in LOVE(heat).
I watched as he was allowed to breed the girls, one at a time. They were in heat a couple weeks apart. They have been together ever since. And have become good friends. I assume both took, since there has never been anymore arguments.

I just love watching animal behavior. I worked for veterinarians for 15 years, so guess it just comes naturally. Poor ladies at work have to hear all my "stories" of animal behavior.

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