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I asked before and I can't honestly remeber what they said it meant. Try doing a search on Yahoo with the horse's registered name you might beable to find it.
4Gs is a mini farm in the south and they are listed that way in the AMHA Stud Books.
That was the prefix of I believe Grady Whitlock - out in Virginia or West Virginia (I think). I don't believe they are in the business any more. As you can tell, I'm not real confident with my answers.
Yes that is true the 4G is the miniature horse farm, but I do not know what state and it is owned by Grady Whitlock. As far as I know they are still in the miniatures, but they were the ones that started the WCMHR and all of his are registered in that group. He still has some that are registered or able to be registered in the AMHA and the AMHR. I hope this helps.
Grady Whitlock is still in business he lives in West Virginia and he started the Golden Seal Miniature Horse registry as a matter of fact he has another production sale coming up next month or in september... im not real sure of the date as i dont have it in front of me at the moment.. when i find the paper it was listed in i can post the date and send you his phone number if you like.. just let me know.
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And he didn't start WCMHR, thats totally different people, he did start Gold Seal and if your horses are AMHA or AMHR registered you can post their names and I or someone else can look up the pedigrees for you. And he is based in West Virginia.
I found the paper where he has listed his next production sales.. they are as follows

July 9, August 6, October 1, November 5..

Grady is listed as the contact person for the sales.. if anyone wants that info just let me know and I will send it to you.
I own 4G's Cherokee Princess, would love to see pics of her sire and dam - 4G's Cherokee and 4G's Equalizer's Indian Princess.
Like the others mentioned, Grady Whitlock is still raising horses. He has several farms, one of his primary farms is in Beckley West Virginia. The 4 Gs stood for 4 Generations of raising horses as Grady's Father, and Grandfather both raised horses/ponies and now his sons are involved to some degree.

Many years ago he was an AMHA Director. He elected to begin his own registry several years ago called the Gold Seal registry. He still has a few AMHR and AMHA breeding stock, although they are rapidly decreasing in numbers.

Back in the Miniature Peak, Grady had a couple of sales which were quite impressive (held in the ball room of a hotel), and you will find the 4 GS prefix in many larger farms' breeding programs - He spent some significant dollars purchasing some top quality breeding stock - Sons of Egyptian King for example.

Today, his sales are more like grade little horse sales - It is important to note that if the horses he runs through his sales only have Gold Seal papers, it is not possible to register them with AMHR, although if under 34, hardshipping with AMHA is an option, and then you could register them with AMHR.

I hope this helps.
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I will try and follow up on that!

Does anyone have an email address for him!

The horses I want to research are 4 GS Fantastics Cameo Print, 4 GS Fashionable Red Copy and 4 GS Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure.

If anyone can look up these horses for me it would be VERY much appreciated!

You have all been very helpful!!

Isn't Alfalfa Pleasure "Hawk" that Reeces own? HE is everywhere and would be on their site too.

Reeces Family Miniatures but do not know the link. I have a 4G's mare and love her to death. She a an ARAB in miniature and produces nothing but top show quality babies!

I bought a little mare from him in 2000 and asked if it was possible to get AMHR papers on her(he will NOT have anything to do with AMHA) and was told if I sent the paperwork to the office, he would sign it. I filled out an AMHR application, got to pick her name, he signed it and a transfer & she was registered with no problems. So if you buy one from him, make sure you ask about that.

Mine is 4Gs HF One Chance Fancy who is by a Rowdy son.

Rhapsody Rhodes

Appy Hollow Farm
I went to a couple of his sales while I was going to college in West Virginia. From what I observed and from what a friend of mine who lives in that area observed at other times, Grady Whitlock is not really someone to do business with. He may have some good bloodlines going and may produce some good horses; however, his horses are not treated right. At the sale, even in the winter, some of the babies would be "sheared" (literally held down and clipped). Some would be drug into the ring by the halter and their tails. Just not a pretty sight to see. I did buy a 2 year old stallion from him, but I don't think he was really 2 after looking at his teeth. I was going to have him gelded and find him a good home after I was done with college (he was at my friend's place until then), but he got sick and died
Anyhow, my point is, be really cautious about buying from him.

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