How do you keep track of your horses records?

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Feb 3, 2004
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How do you guys keep track of your horses records (i.e. Vaccinations, Hoof Trimmings, Dewormings, Vet Visits, Pregnancies, Foalings, etc)?

I only have two horses, so I keep a three-ring binder for each of them. I have copies of the registration papers and blank copies of all the AMHA and AMHR forms that I might need for them (i.e. Workorders, Stallion Reports, etc). In the binder I also have a spirl notebook that I keep a list of their vaccinations, hoof trimmings, dewormings, if they bred and who they bred, blah blah blah.

I would love to hear how all of you organize your records and hopefully will adapt some of your tips into my own plan.

Thought this might be kinda fun. Thanks, Erin
I have a 2 drawer cabinet. Each horse has their own folder which has reg papers, a health form which I got from Jeffers & all other stuff for each one with their name & foaling date on top of folder. Also a folder for each registry with all forms I may need. On my refrigerator (which is my "Quick Find") I have a paper with horse & foaling date. Another paper with horse trimming schedule. One more paper with my breeding schedule.
For trimmings and de-wormings, I use a calendar just like on the refridgerator. For de-wormings they are pretty much all on the same day, and for feet trimmings it varies.

For registrations, coggins, insurance policies, etc., I have a large 3-ring notebook (which, of course, is purple) and I have those page protector sheets in it. I have a divider for each of the horses and all their important documents are behind their divider. I usually keep the notebook at my office because the copier is there, but if I am showing or going places, I have a duplicate of the notebook that has copies of the "in use" horses' paperwork to keep with me / the horses.
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Since I only have one horse, it is pretty easy to keep it organized, so I just use a 3 ring binder also. This has all my horses info, papers, record of vet visits, emergency info etc.

I also keep the same record on my compter (just incase something gets lots).

When we had less than 10 or 12 horses we used to keep all our records in individual binders which we moved into individual file folders. It worked just fine that way.

Finally we just got too many animals after that..... Now for worming, trimming, vaccinations, heat cycles, breedings, and foalings -- even our abortions, I keep a special calendar that I record everything on.

I have file folders for Mare/Filly registrations, Stallion/Gelding registrations, Stallion Reports, DNA reports, AMHA forms, AMHR forms, Sales Contracts & Leases, Mini Horse Health Information, Mini History Info, Arenosa History Info, & Horse Misc....

I tried computerizing some of our health info and had so many problems with that and found I was still keeping a hard copy that it just wasn't worth the time for me. Other people may tell you they've had more success and that it is indeed worth the effort.

I use a combination of three ring binders and a calendar. The binders keep all of my papers etc., on the calendar I keep track of hoof trims, deworming, all that routine stuff. Then at the end of the year I go through the calendar and type up a sheet for each horse. On the sheet I include all routine care and anything else, such as paperwork, that I did for that horse that year.
Just remember, you asked for it
LOL Also, I am a Virgo, so being anal about things is a prerequisite!!!

I have 2 binders , one with all originals, this is kept at home, and one w/copies, this is in the truck ( for shows) They both have pretty much all that you listed but they also have pics, pics of the horses and all their tack. The trucks binder has extra horse pics and more detailed pics of tack , this is in case anyone/thing gets stolen away from home. I update the Vet/Worming stuff every few months as I think of it, however I do keep all that written down on a barn calendar.

I usually update each binder over winter, seems like a cold weather job LOL I take any new tack pics etc << with puters these days, thats really easy and fast to do.
Well, I'm Aquarius so they are all in a box........somewhere!!! The worming I keep in a book which is in the caravan in a rucksack with the wormers.....somewhere. The vaccination details all go in our registration papers , they have pages for all that sort of thing so they are all together.
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We use a program on a computer called Horse Trak. It keeps up with all the information when a horse needs a shot or any type of information. It is really useful for all the information. You can keep up with who buys which horse. It also has a pedigree on it and you can see lineage of horses.
I use my computer for everything plus I have the back up system of using 3" ring binders with plastic sleeves for inserting forms and a filing cabinet for various forms for registrations, ect to be completed and submitted. Just in case something goes fubar.

I have a daytime job that I am in the quality control department for a company that makes various components for nuclear power plants all over the USA and overseas plus various parts for the military (F-16, F-22 Fighter Jets and Bradley Tanks) with our guys in Iraq, and Heat & Detection missle parts as well, and I have to basically construct the owners manual for these to be assembled and shipped to the assembly areas. Lots of paperwork that has to be perfect and no typo's, so I am used to keeping track of lots of paper trails, my husband tells me that I am too picky about issues but that is my job during the day and it carries over to my homelife and horses as well ~
I use Breed Manager for all my horse information on the computer. Then I have three-ring binders that has all their papers and information in it.

I also have a note book that I jot all information down for breeding and now I have a calendar that I write information on.

Last year I didn't write breeding dates down because our stallion had not settled mares in two years. So this year I have two mares that I don't have any due dates on because I can't remember when they were in heat.

Now I write everything everywhere to keep up with it.

I like Breed Manager because I enter the breeding dates and it prints out a list of the due dates for next year.
I used to have computer software that handled my horse records. MANY MANY computer crashes down the road, I have finally learned the hard way to keep the records elsewhere. (Our rural systems are prone to lighting strike outages).

I have an index card file system. I buy lined 3 x 5 index cards and I have dividers labeled: Breeding dates, Deworming, Hoof Trimming, Vaccinations, and etc....Each horse has a card for each activity.

When a horse is dewormed, I record the date and type of product used on the card. Then it is moved to the back of the section. This way, at a glance, I can see who is due next, as those cards are at the front of the file.
Three ring binder for registration papers and copies......always make copies of all registrations, as there will be a time you'll need them for shows, etc.

We also have the Breed Manager, and really like the convenience of record-keeping and extended pedigrees. Also have a backup of all files on another computer, just in case!