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Feb 9, 2008
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Finger Lakes, New York
Another great reason to have minis--it gives my husband so many ways to show he loves me.
He has built stalls, run-in sheds, put up new fences, etc, and he even empties the wheelbarrow.....
We've had a LOT of rain this season, and once it flooded the back of the area where the mares' stalls are--and touched Gypsy's stall. Since we're extending the stalls (yet another task for hubby!) before the next foals's important we address this issue. Mark said gutters would solve the problem--so we bought the supplies and he started the job yesterday. The water will be diverted down the hill beside the barn rather than falling directly below by the wall where the stalls are. Every photo here was taken from the same general area behind the barn. The scene is very distracting when I'm trying to unload hay.
Oh--we hauled another load of hay yesterday too--between storms--one behind us, one in front of us. I kept up texts with my daughter at home so we could drive the speed needed to miss that one--but stay ahead of the other. We made it. Whew.

The barn needs a new roof soon. Mark wants to secure himself using ropes and vehicles to do it--but I told him if he did I'd parachute again.
We have to research that job next.




He was chatting with me--didn't even see the camera. Must be I look normal with it now.


Another 100 bales and we're good! Hay=happiness.


Moon in the barn??


Scenes from the same spot....



And yet another storm on its way.


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Karla,I dont know why I never saw your barn is beautiful much character and favorite kind. Looks like a barn you would see on a calander. Gutters are something I need on one side of by barn area too. At least my barn is not so high. PLEASE go hold that ladder for your hubbie...he's scaring me and the ladder looks like its leaning...scary!! Heidi
Heidi--I hate seeing him up there--and believe me--I offered right away to stand on the bottom. But he always assures me it's fine. If it is wiggly--he will ask me to stand on it. The ground where the ladder was is soft and the ladder sunk into it perfectly. I stood on the bottom for some of the time anyway.

I LOVE our barn. It has character--just like our 180 year old house. Crooked does mean character, right?
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I love your barn! Such great photos. Rain, well, feel free to send it down here to Texas, I will trade you triple digit heat for your rain!
Your place is so beautiful and peaceful Karla! I just LOVE the hay field in the back
I need to go order some hay now. Thanks for reminding me
Hubby is doing a great thing!!

So, ummmm Karla, that is where you keep your straw also?? LOL
I absolutely love your barn!!!
When he's done, he can come to my house and put them up on my barn. Heehee! Great barn and set up too!!!
Yup, great idea, I have em and he is a distraction isn't he!
Goodness! What a beautiful place! Great old barn! (Handsome fella too!

Larry and I keep planning to put gutters up on OUR barn......and with the down-shoots, aimed into water troughs! But then, we live in a high desert area........and water is a valuable asset.
Fran---see the loose pile of stuff to the left of the hay? It's a mix of hay and straw. That's being saved for foaling stalls. I'm sure that's what you were referring to--(she says sweetly). You know--when I unregistered from the forum for a long while--all my posts/replies were deleted... so there's no proof of anything.

I'll take rain over 3 digit temps! Yikes! If only it didn't cause the horses to get so chubby. I can't even free lunge them like I was because it's too slippery. At least grass fat is the easiest to take off.

Married 23 years--and he's still handsome.
I just LOVE your place Karla. What a great hubby you have. You just have to love those hubbies that do all the maintenance around the farm.
Kelly--our kitchen floor is 2.5" lower at one end.
My husband nails pieces of wood to the legs at his end so we can eat soup.

The floor can't really be fixed because all the rooms around it are straight--and the low end is already close to under the cupboards.... It's a HUGE kitchen though--there are seven doors in it--and worth every degree off the 180.

When Mark decides to reroof the barn don't let him tie off to a vehicle! Most rental companies have safety harnesses and ropes and anchor brackets that hook to the peak of the roof or any where they are mounted on the roof. Most Lumber yards sell a kit for about $100.00 with everything he would need on the roof. We have to use them often with our construction business. They are a pain to wear some days but certainly better than the chance of bouncing off the ground! When they are properly on and attached most of our crew actually is much more comfortable on the roof and they actually move around better and get more done.

30 years ago not far from us a man was shingling his barn roof one day (he owned lumber yards and sawmills around the state besides his farm) he tied him self off to his jeep and ran the rope up over the peak of the barn to the side he was working on. His wife comes out of the house, sees hubby's jeep handy with the keys in it, hops in to run to the store. Lets say hubby came over the roof and down on the ground in a hurrry. Thankfully she did stop before heading down the road. He was pretty banged up and maybe broken arm.

Oh trust me, Mark... my Mark is not going to do that. He wants to do everything himself--which is awesome--but every now and then I have to step in and draw a line.
The electric box in the barn was one---I saw how he was looking at it trying to decide if he could do it.... I recognize that look well after all these years. When he mentioned doing the roof and tried to assure me of his saftey with rope and a vehicle... I picked that one for a battle.
Soooo, if he doesn't want me signing up for a parachute lesson....

I'm not telling him what you suggested would work either--just the other story about the broken arm.

It is amazing what he can do.

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